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Tech training helps lawyers meet client expectations

Law by the Numb#rs

More summer associates got job offers in 2015

Cady Bar the Door

Question of the Week

What gifts are you giving your co-workers this season?

Criminal Justice

Man sues after DNA sample mix-up put him in jail for 61 days

Law in Popular Culture

12 gift suggestions for lawyers (gallery)

A Message from Abacus Data Systems

A Case For the Cloud: Why Law Firms Should Stop Managing Technology

Law Schools

ABA grants accreditation to Massachusetts’ only public law school

Legal Ethics

Sharing fees with lawyers at other firms? ABA ethics opinion offers guidance on safeguarding them

Legal Ethics

Lawyer’s parody Twitter account calls for ‘Pizzagate’ probe; ‘There are clues everywhere,’ he says

Pro Bono

Gun-control groups join BigLaw coalition; seven firms are on board so far

Legislation & Lobbying

Bob Dole’s law firm earned $140K for Taiwan lobbying, paving way for Trump phone call

Criminal Justice

Accusers won’t travel again for rape trial delayed by no-show defense lawyer; judge acquits

Law Firms

Which top law firms earned perfect scores for LGBT-inclusive policies?

Trials & Litigation

Top state court won’t review overturned $1M sanction against med-mal lawyer

Legal Technology

Ravel Law launches analytics tool for entire court systems and jurisdictions

U.S. Supreme Court

Lawyer’s disclosure of sealed filing didn’t require dismissal of whistleblower suit, SCOTUS rules

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS overturns Apple’s $399M award against Samsung for smartphone infringement

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court upholds insider trading conviction for secondhand tippee

Internet Law

Prosecutor’s office paid ransom to regain access to its computers; international network busted

Criminal Justice

Racial bias in New York state prisons is ‘fact of life,’ newspaper investigation concludes

Business of Law

Top law firms increasingly go to court to collect fees; is it the new normal?


Federal judge who questioned meaning of ‘drop-down menu,’ didn’t instruct jurors is tossed from case

Solo / Small Firm

Do you have questions about starting up your own law firm?

Criminal Justice

Mistrial is declared in trial of cop accused of fatally shooting unarmed black man
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Murthy Law Firm

Teleconference: H1B Cap-Subject Petitions – Practical Tips for Approvals

Murthy Law Firm

Teleconference: To Be Announced

Murthy Law Firm

MurthyChat: NO Chat Session

Murthy Law Firm

MurthyChat: Senior Attorney Answers Your Questions

Complex Litigation Blog

Facebook Account Authenticated by Testimony Witness Communicated with Defendant on It & Photo on It Was Defendant — Post Authenticated by Contents and Temporal Proximity to Post Def. Admitted He Made — Printout = 1003 Duplicate (Thus, Best Evidence)

The Right Coast

They Have, Right Now, Another You | by Sue Halpern | The New York Review of Books

The Right Coast

A President Is Always Conflicted - WSJ

How Attorneys Can Build Real Trust in a Virtual World

The Right Coast

The French Revolution's Angel of Death | History Today

The Right Coast

The best history books of 2016 | History Today

The Right Coast

How Union Bosses Sold Out Their Workers | RealClearPolitics

The Right Coast

Trump taps Oklahoma attorney general to lead EPA | TheHill

Mobile Personal Injury Lawyer

Wells Fargo’s Sham Accounts Joins Forces with Arbitration’s Injustices


Women in the Law Podcast: “Leaky Pipeline #2: From Hiring to Retention to Leadership”

Brand Protection Blog

Denial of CDA immunity defense not immediately appealable

The Right Coast

Donald Trump & Trade Deficit: Ignorance and Misunderstanding | National Review

The Right Coast

Trump Picks Iowa Governor Branstad As US Ambassador To China, Beijing Calls Him "Old Friend" | Zero Hedge

The Right Coast

Naval Academy Hosting 'Transgender 101' Training for Midshipmen - Washington Free Beacon

The Right Coast

Pope Francis: everything in Amoris Laetitia was supported by the synod –

The Right Coast

Trump criticism of US public schools may be backed by PISA results - Business Insider

The Right Coast

Lawyers Donate Millions in Pro-Bono Work to Help Gun Controllers Fight Trump's Pro-Gun Push - Breitbart

The Right Coast

New Zealand passport robot tells applicant of Asian descent to open eyes

The Right Coast

Now that Trump’s won, media suddenly notices that a lot of new jobs are crappy « Hot Air

The Right Coast

Trump: We’re going to work something out on DREAMers that’ll make people happy « Hot Air

The Right Coast

This “Laura Ingraham for Press Sec” thing might actually be happening « Hot Air