2nd Circuit Court

Attorney General

2nd Circuit rules Justice Department doesn’t have to disclose additional drone-strike memos

Constitutional Law

2nd Circuit upholds bans on semi-automatic weapons enacted after Sandy Hook shootings

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court refuses to review insider trading decision deemed a ‘roadmap for unscrupulous’

Religious Law

2nd Circuit rules against nonprofits challenging opt-out process for contraceptive coverage

Bankruptcy Law

Law firm submits latest $40M bill in Madoff case, cites $553M recovery

Labor & Employment

Document review arguably ‘devoid of legal judgment,’ 2nd Circuit says, allowing wage suit to proceed

Trials & Litigation

Leading NY lawmaker lied to FBI about son’s law firm job; felony conviction puts his own job at risk

Trials & Litigation

Lawmaker’s son hired despite ‘acting like a clown’ at firm party, witness testifies at trial


Cover-up claim about GM ignition-switch issues is ‘reckless and outrageous,’ law firm says

Corporate Law

Judge nixes jury conviction of ex-Goldman Sachs programmer, calls law a bad fit in source-code case

Labor & Employment

2nd Circuit says 2 judges used wrong test in deciding high-profile cases over unpaid internships

Antitrust Law

2nd Circuit OKs verdict against Apple in $450M e-book price-fixing case

Trials & Litigation

Ex-worker wins $18M in suit against CEO over blog posts; law prof’s case is still pending

Copyright Law

Artist sues Starbucks, says chain created ‘substantially similar’ works for Frappuccino ads

Criminal Justice

Feds arrest 243 in record $712M health care billing-fraud bust

Constitutional Law

2nd Circuit reinstates suit of immigrants rounded up after Sept. 11 attacks

Trials & Litigation

Judge cuts $2.4M ‘Cadillac Escalade’ legal fee bid by Beastie Boys, OKs $700K ‘Honda Civic’ award

Banking Law

UK court says ex-Dewey leader must repay $540K capital loan; he hopes US court will cancel it

White-Collar Crime

2nd Circuit: Man gets new trial in major tax fraud case because suspended lawyer lied to get on jury

Labor & Employment

Store detectives’ suit says CVS required them to racially profile shoppers