2nd Circuit Court

Banking Law

Appeals court overturns $1.27 billion penalty for Countrywide’s sale of risky mortgages

Entertainment & Sports Law

2nd Circuit upholds NFL decision, says Tom Brady must serve 4-game ‘Deflategate’ suspension

Constitutional Law

New York law requiring in-state office for out-of-state lawyers is constitutional, 2nd Circuit says

Attorney Fees

Law firm can’t sue SSA for attorney fees paid to clients, 2nd Circuit says

Education Law

School district has to pay private school tuition of bullied student, federal appeals court says

Opening Statements

You can sue someone who broke into your email, but you’d better find proof fast


Lawyers engaging in debt collection may be regulated by a New York City ordinance, say courts

Attorney General

2nd Circuit rules Justice Department doesn’t have to disclose additional drone-strike memos

Constitutional Law

2nd Circuit upholds bans on semi-automatic weapons enacted after Sandy Hook shootings

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court refuses to review insider trading decision deemed a ‘roadmap for unscrupulous’

Religious Law

2nd Circuit rules against nonprofits challenging opt-out process for contraceptive coverage

Bankruptcy Law

Law firm submits latest $40M bill in Madoff case, cites $553M recovery

Labor & Employment

Document review arguably ‘devoid of legal judgment,’ 2nd Circuit says, allowing wage suit to proceed

Trials & Litigation

Leading NY lawmaker lied to FBI about son’s law firm job; felony conviction puts his own job at risk

Trials & Litigation

Lawmaker’s son hired despite ‘acting like a clown’ at firm party, witness testifies at trial


Cover-up claim about GM ignition-switch issues is ‘reckless and outrageous,’ law firm says

Corporate Law

Judge nixes jury conviction of ex-Goldman Sachs programmer, calls law a bad fit in source-code case

Labor & Employment

2nd Circuit says 2 judges used wrong test in deciding high-profile cases over unpaid internships

Antitrust Law

2nd Circuit OKs verdict against Apple in $450M e-book price-fixing case

Trials & Litigation

Ex-worker wins $18M in suit against CEO over blog posts; law prof’s case is still pending