9th Circuit Court

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Immigration Law

Trump will revise travel ban; government brief says lawful permanent residents not affected

Immigration Law

9th Circuit lets stand restraining order against Trump travel ban: Will case be heard en banc?

Immigration Law

9th Circuit panel shows some skepticism as administration defends Trump’s temporary immigrant ban

Immigration Law

Federal appeals court refuses to immediately reinstate Trump’s immigrant travel ban

Immigration Law

ABA amicus brief urges rehearing in lawsuit seeking court-appointed lawyers for unaccompanied minors

U.S. Supreme Court

Judges should tailor civil sanctions to harm caused, ABA argues in SCOTUS discovery-abuse case

Environmental Law

Species may be called endangered based on projected climate change, 9th Circuit rules

Immigration Law

9th Circuit rejects bid for lawyers for child immigrants but calls for a change in the law

Trials and Litigation

Prohibiting firearm possession for medical marijuana users is reasonable, says 9th Circuit

Tort Law

Jaycee Dugard can’t sue US parole officials for poor supervision of her kidnapper, 9th Circuit says

Labor & Employment Law

Company can’t ban employees from pursuing workplace claims as a class, 9th Circuit says

Constitutional Law

Feds can’t prosecute medical marijuana defendants complying with state laws, appeals court says

Law Firms

9th Circuit reinstates investors’ claim against Venable over client’s alleged Facebook scam

Immigration Law

US must release immigrant kids who cross the border with a parent, 9th Circuit says

Privacy Law

Using worker’s password to access info at former workplace is illegal hacking, 9th Circuit says

Law Firms

9th Circuit judges say little of their thinking at hearing on unfinished law firm business clawbacks

Legal Ethics

9th Circuit upholds sanction against ‘copyright trolling’ lawyers who sued porn downloaders

Constitutional Law

En banc 9th Circuit upholds California law requiring ‘good cause’ for concealed carry

Real Estate & Property Law

9th Circuit OKs legal fees in failed suit over school bus converted to look like Spanish galleon

Copyright Law

9th Circuit strikes copyright suit against Madonna over horn sample in ‘Vogue’
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