Legal Technology

Winning app at Hackcess to Justice New Orleans helps clients preserve evidence

Law Schools

Legal Ed Section’s council approves change in reporting of school-funded jobs

Legal History

Student winners of ABA’s Magna Carta video competition are named

Law in Popular Culture

Erwin Chemerinsky and Laurence Tribe are among this year’s Silver Gavel nominees

Law Schools

ABA committee to consider changes in reporting of law school entering class credentials

U.S. Supreme Court

ABA backs constitutional right to gay marriage in SCOTUS brief

Legal Ethics

Top state court rebuffs judge’s constitutional challenge to moonlighting ban

Your ABA

White paper proposing controls for online piracy makes opponents of Internet regulation see red

Legal Ethics

Ethics opinion: It’s OK to ‘practice’ after selling a law practice to assist in the transition

President's Message

ABA Rule of Law Initiative helps advance legal reforms in more than 50 countries

Your ABA

ABA Health Law Section task force is helping breast cancer patients

Law Schools

As law school enrollment drops, experts disagree on whether the bottom is in sight

Your ABA

ABA Announcements

Business of Law

Legal incubator dubbed ‘Project Lemonade’ gets $400K grant from MacArthur Foundation

Law Firms

Disbanded Heller firm isn’t entitled to profits from cases taken to new firms, ABA brief says


ABA to fund startup projects to hire new and underutilized lawyers

Law Schools

Law school consumer data now available for comparative purposes

Business of Law

Law firm ‘short-termism’ could be cured with nonlawyer ownership, law prof argues

Legal Education

ABA committee seeks more detailed data on law school attrition

ABA Midyear

ABA urges adequate legal representation for unaccompanied immigrant minors