Alternative Dispute Resolution

Government Law

Cited by animal control in dog dispute, couple responds with ‘douchebag’ yard sign

Constitutional Law

Chicago OKs stop-and-frisk pact with ACLU

Legal Technology

Arbitration website hack is likely the work of Chinese hackers, cyberthreat group says

Legal Technology

Contesting a traffic ticket? Getting divorced? Some jurisdictions use software to resolve the issues

ABA London Sessions

What can US and UK lawyers learn from each other about best practices?

Trials & Litigation

Warring parties in Robin Williams estate case make progress, with mediator’s help

Internet Law

Vintage store operator says threat of social-media shaming is best way to deter shoplifting

Labor & Employment

Earlier clean-costume dispute helped fired Disney workers get rehired in Lion King case

Trials & Litigation

Reed Smith can’t arbitrate malpractice claim; ex-client, an attorney, didn’t sign required form

Labor & Employment

Fired over blond highlights, former Hooters waitress wins $250K arbitration award

Labor & Employment

More companies thwart employee class actions in arbitration agreements

Real Estate & Property Law

Homeowners association OKs playhouse for sick girl, 6, after dad appeals to court of public opinion

Legislation & Lobbying

‘Radical reform’ to state law would allow couples to divorce outside court, if approved

Entertainment & Sports Law

Federal judge: NFL commissioner and arbitrator erred in suspending ex-Vikings player Adrian Peterson

Asked and Answered

How these law students help costs and acrimony for divorcing couples (podcast with transcript)

Paradigm Shift

Model program brings holistic solutions to divorce

Niche Practice

Rightscorp fights Internet piracy by ‘ticketing’ copyright infringers

Internet Law

One-third of top websites have clauses to restrict consumer lawsuits

Legal Rebels Profile

Wevorce CEO Michelle Crosby is shaking up the adversarial divorce process

Injury & Accident Law

Over 100 died from GM ignition-switch issues, survivors claim