Bar Associations

Attorney General

DOJ mandates implicit bias training for prosecutors and agents

Legal Ethics

Judge blocks new ‘persuader rule’ requiring disclosure of lawyer advice to employers on union issues

American Bar Association

ABA threatened with 1-year suspension of law school accreditation powers

U.S. Surpeme Court

ABA asks Supreme Court to review Virginia’s post-conviction process in capital case


Email scam targets lawyers with fake disciplinary warnings, bar announcements

Business of Law

Online interactive legal documents would be legal in North Carolina under bill passed by legislature

Supreme Court Nominations

Merrick Garland gets ABA’s ‘well-qualified’ rating; ABA president calls for Senate action


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Law Practice Management

Who will take over your law practice? Wisconsin lawyers can name a successor on new registry

Law Schools

Law school job statistics get extra scrutiny in random ABA audits


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ABA Know It All

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Bar Associations

British Columbia law society appeals decision forcing it to admit students from Trinity Western

Bar Associations

California Assembly passes bill requiring state bar to reliquish control of its board to nonlawyers

Education Law

Employees of some nonprofits get notified they don’t qualify for student loan forgiveness program

Legal Ethics

Can state bar discipline judge already reprimanded by judicial regulator? NC high court to decide

Bar Associations

Will California lawyers have to pay bar dues in 2017? Bill is rejected amid debate on state bar

President's Message

Equal Justice for All: The time is now; the rule of law also applies to the poor

Your ABA

Veterans Village of San Diego provides holistic services, including homeless court and legal aid

Your ABA

Proposals to amend law school accreditation standards would require more focus on grads’ bar passage