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President's Message

ABA Day is a chance for bar leaders to lobby policymakers on critical legal issues

Business of Law

Automation is a threat without human roles, keynote speaker says

Your ABA

ABA House takes on domestic violence, executions at Midyear Meeting

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ABA opposes controversial ‘stand your ground’ laws

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Leadership slate shows diversity in action at ABA Midyear

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Pact with ABA aims to bolster rule of law in Sri Lanka

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When is posting on social media a crime? Panel debates the issue

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Experts debate line between spanking and abuse

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Human rights ‘storm’ may hit oil, mining industries

Report from Governmental Affairs

Members’ involvement is vital in ongoing ABA efforts to lobby Congress

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ABA Announcements

White-Collar Crime

AG: Former bar president charged with UPL after 10 years in practice never attended law school

Disability Law

Report: DOJ is investigating mental-health screening of bar applicants by Florida’s top court

Legal Technology

Winning app at Hackcess to Justice New Orleans helps clients preserve evidence

Bar Associations

Will California be the next state to allow legal technicians? Bar group calls for pilot program

Law Schools

Legal Ed Section’s council approves change in reporting of school-funded jobs

Legal History

Student winners of ABA’s Magna Carta video competition are named

Pro Bono

Following New York’s lead, California bar officials plan to require pro bono work for admission

Law in Popular Culture

Erwin Chemerinsky and Laurence Tribe are among this year’s Silver Gavel nominees

Law Schools

ABA committee to consider changes in reporting of law school entering class credentials