Graffiti suspect may have tagged from Seattle to Southern California, police say

White-Collar Crime

Lawyer pleads guilty in money-laundering case, admits getting $390K from client drug-trafficker


Brad Pitt gets a pass on LA jury duty because his presence is too distracting

Civil Rights

Dozens of lawyers join protests over police slayings

Corporate Law

Controversial American Apparel chief is fired after years of litigation against the company

Criminal Justice

Law prof, attorneys and students protest in rain at Los Angeles courthouse

Antitrust Law

After last-minute lead plaintiff substitution, iPod users seek $350M at trial and get zilch


Dr. Dre hands out big bonuses to attorneys and staff at his longtime law firm


Hackers who attacked Sony Pictures posted employee medical info online

Criminal Justice

Lawyer is fined $500 for unexcused absence at trial

Government Law

Three cities sue Uber, citing noncompliance with state laws and municipal regulations

Civil Procedure

Judge boots lead plaintiff in $350M case at trial against Apple, orders counsel to find a substitute

Antitrust Law

Does $350M case at trial against Apple have a lead plaintiff? Judge hasn’t yet ruled

Government Law

After lawyer on bicycle was struck and killed, sheriff’s department may limit computer use


Bill Cosby seeks sanctions against plaintiff in sexual battery suit and her lawyer

Antitrust Law

Uh-oh. Did lead plaintiffs seeking $350M in Apple trial purchase iPods as required?

Antitrust Law

Plaintiffs are seeking $1B in Apple trial over software that required iTunes to be played on iPods

Criminal Justice

Voter-approved measure leads to prisoner releases, budget headaches for local prosecutors

Trials & Litigation

Civil suit accuses Bill Cosby of sexual battery of 15-year-old girl at Playboy Mansion in 1974

Internet Law

Man accused of revenge-porn Facebook post gets jail time