Election Law

DOJ investigates California court restrictions on voting by intellectually disabled persons

Criminal Justice

After federal judge orders sex-change surgery, board OKs parole for inmate

Education Law

ADA suit says school district fails children living with violence, loss and poverty

Criminal Justice

Accused art scammer is convicted after bizarre trial; dismissed juror has screaming fit about Nazis

Labor & Employment

Los Angeles gives preliminary OK to $15 minimum wage

Trials & Litigation

Immigration attorney arrested in federal sting, accused of trying to help client flee US

Copyright Law

En banc 9th Circuit nixes earlier Google takedown order for ‘Innocence of Muslims’

Criminal Justice

Prominent lawyer jailed in child-porn case until he made $400K bail; public safety issue claimed


Businesses say plaintiff who won $360K in dozens of ADA suits may not be disabled

Trials & Litigation

Insurers seek $47M from 2 men convicted in airline billing-fraud scheme

Criminal Justice

California man gets jail time for failing to disclose HIV status

Criminal Justice

DA expands probe sparked by ‘hateful’ police texts, says at least 3,000 cases may be affected

Entertainment & Sports Law

After the ‘Fight of the Century,’ new parties seek to duke it out with Mayweather, Pacquiao in court

Labor & Employment

Federal suit says Marriott denied new mom lactation breaks because she’s a surrogate

Consumer Law

Los Angeles sues Wells Fargo for fraud, says bank workers opened accounts without customer OK

Real Estate & Propety Law

Tenants win $2M midtrial settlement with landlord over condition of apartment building

Trials and Litigation

Representing himself, accused art scammer seeks ‘dirty trick’ potty break, labels witness a liar

Criminal Justice

All charges dropped against man accused in massive Yosemite forest fire, due to deaths of witnesses

Legal Technology

ACLU app allows Californians to record and preserve videos of police civil-rights violations

Constitutional Law

9th Circuit OKs city’s ban on holiday displays, says ‘heckler’s veto’ doctrine doesn’t apply