Criminal Justice

Sheriff’s deputies forced inmates to perform ‘gladiator-style’ battles, says PD


Who gets items from Robin Williams estate? Court has to decide between his widow and his children

Trials & Litigation

Ellen Pao loses discrimination case against Kleiner Perkins, then judge revives one claim

Civil Rights

TSA agrees to stop singling out black women for hair pat-downs at airports

Criminal Justice

California relaxes residency rules for sex offenders, will apply restrictions on case-by-case basis


‘Obsessively frugal’ lawyer leaves $3.3M to Skid Row charities

Constitutional Law

Lawyer’s proposed gay death penalty is ‘reprehensible,’ says state AG in bid to stop ballot process

Trials & Litigation

Judge calls $600K legal fee in fast-track $1.5M settlement for woman punched by cop ‘unconscionable’

Trials & Litigation

Judge OKs punitives in high-profile discrimination case; jury could award Ellen Pao as much as $160M

Bar Associations

Will California be the next state to allow legal technicians? Bar group calls for pilot program

Copyright Law

Composer’s heirs sue CBS over use of iconic ‘Hawaii Five-0’ theme music in TV show remake

Trials & Litigation

Ex-client sues law firm, says it withheld ‘fugly’ assessment of $12M case while billing $1.3M

Trials & Litigation

Cab companies sue Uber, call ‘safer than a taxi’ ad claim deceptive

Criminal Justice

Rapper Tiny Doo wins dismissal of charges tied to his lyrics

Legal History

Righting a ‘grievous wrong,’ California justices grant posthumous law license to Chinese immigrant

Trials & Litigation

Are Lyft and Uber drivers employees? Juries will decide

Pro Bono

Following New York’s lead, California bar officials plan to require pro bono work for admission

White-Collar Crime

Disbarred attorney charged in claimed $44M foreclosure rescue scheme; bail is set at $17.8M

Constitutional Law

California judge boots Orange County DA’s office from murder case because of withheld evidence

Law Schools

Dean Chemerinsky ‘very proud’ as UC-Irvine law school debuts at No. 30 in US News rankings