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Consumer Law

Judge tosses suit claiming ice in Starbucks beverages shortchanges customers on liquid

Education Law

Ruling upholding teacher tenure won’t be disturbed by California Supreme Court

Lawyer Pay

Lawyer quits Palo Alto planning board over housing costs; monthly rent in shared house was $6,200

Privacy Law

Federal judge tosses audio evidence picked up on warrantless FBI bugs outside courthouse

Privacy Law

New Jersey man plagued by Pokemon Go players files nuisance class action


Recall effort for Brock Turner’s judge poses serious threat to rule of law, say law profs

Privacy Law

Audio recorded by warrantless FBI bugs outside courthouse didn’t violate Constitution, judge rules

Criminal Justice

Prisoner is convicted for plotting wood-chipper murder of federal judge

Indian Law

State appeals court upholds girl’s placement with relatives in high-profile Indian adoption case

Law Schools

For-profit law school with $39K total tuition bill set to close

Copyright Law

Led Zeppelin wins ‘Stairway’ copyright case; losing lawyer sees ‘obviously appealable issues’

Corporate Law

Lawyer takes chicken restaurant’s trademarks in lieu of $200K in legal fees, launches a new career

Law Firms

9th Circuit judges say little of their thinking at hearing on unfinished law firm business clawbacks

Business of Law

Appeals court: Yelp must remove defamatory 3rd-party material about lawyer who won defamation case

International Law

Law student in Mexico is reunited with his US mom 20 years after kidnapping

Trials & Litigation

FTC sues 2 law firms over claimed mortgage-rescue scheme that cost clients $15M in 2014

Health Law

Judge puts on hold landmark San Francisco law mandating sugary beverage ad warnings

Constitutional Law

En banc 9th Circuit upholds California law requiring ‘good cause’ for concealed carry

Copyright Law

Lawyer who won $5.3M ‘Blurred Lines’ verdict files $20M suit over Ed Sheeran’s ‘Photograph’

Entertainment & Sports Law

Rapper Wiz Khalifa sues to void management and recording contract he signed as a teenager
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