Health Law

California becomes 5th state to legalize assisted suicide

Criminal Justice

Lawyer attempts citizen’s arrest in court; his attorney client calls murder charge ‘stupid’

Legal Ethics

Lawyer is ordered jailed for alleged sabotage of client’s psychiatric exam


Caitlyn Jenner won’t be charged in fatal car crash but faces ongoing civil suit

Animal Law

Did owner want dog’s $140K yearly bills paid by estate? Animal groups growl over lack of trust money

Criminal Justice

Meet the California public defender who is ‘shaking the Orange County legal system to its bedrock’

Labor & Employment

Convicted judge can’t get pension back, even after felony is reduced to a misdemeanor

Animal Law

PETA lawyer discusses monkey’s copyright suit over selfie


Federal judges face rising workloads, creating longer waits for trial

Trials & Litigation

Suit seeking to declare autistic boy a public nuisance goes to mediation

Copyright Law

‘Happy Birthday’ song is in the public domain, judge rules

First Amendment

Federal judge bars California city’s warning about cellphones and children

Labor & Employment

California state judge rules against Uber’s arbitration agreement with drivers

Tort Law

Neighbors’ suit contends boy with autism is a public nuisance

Criminal Justice

Attorney and intern face murder case in fatal messenger bag dispute; counsel cites self-defense

Trials & Litigation

Couple to file claim against city for initially calling their kidnapping report a hoax

Trials & Litigation

Appeals court blasts school’s claim teen ‘consented’ to teacher sex, nixes defense jury verdict

Consumer Law

Deceptive practices suits say McCormick put 25% less pepper in its usual tin containers

White-Collar Crime

2 doctors, 1 lawyer, 12 others charged in $150M health-care fraud conspiracy case

Health Law

California law on assisted suicide awaits governor’s signature