Trials & Litigation

Burberry sues Penney over plaid products, faces unrelated customer suit on outlet store price tags

Criminal Justice

Sirhan denied parole in 1968 slaying of Robert Kennedy, for 15th time

First Amendment

Judge refuses to block law requiring crisis pregnancy centers to provide abortion information

Personal Lives

Lawyer postpones boat and retirement to fund college for 26 kindergarteners


Bill Cosby’s lawyer is dismissed from suit claiming denials of Cosby rape claim were defamatory

Criminal Justice

Immigration lawyer gets 21 months for trying to help client disobey court order, flee US

First Amendment

Judge bars release of anti-abortion group’s undercover videos

Criminal Justice

Lawyer charged in claimed attempt to extort $2M from businessman pleads not guilty


Judge who sent ‘get a life’ email stipulates to censure, says he would have preferred a jury trial

ABA Midyear Meeting

Homeless services model aims to provide military veterans with housing and legal assistance

Health Law

Doctor gets 30 years to life in landmark prosecution over patient OD deaths

ABA Midyear Meeting

Self-driving cars will soon be street-legal, and California is getting a jump on regulating them

Constitutional Law

9th Circuit OKs civil rights suit by man mistakenly jailed on warrant for another man

Criminal Justice

Utility is criminally charged in methane gas leak that displaced thousands from homes

Law in Popular Culture

OJ Simpson: Ads for TV series about my murder trial are too hard on Johnnie Cochran

Media & Communications Law

Courtney Love’s win in ‘Twibel’ suit by her ex-lawyer is upheld by appeals court

Labor & Employment Law

Ex-employee sues over Yahoo worker rating system, says it does end run around WARN requirements

Trials & Litigation

Where’s the cheese? Suit says McDonald’s ‘100% real’ mozzarella sticks contain starch

Sentencing / Post-Conviction

California governor pushes ballot measure to release nonviolent criminals from prisons earlier

Consumer Law

Maid service owner accused of overcharging customers in retaliation for bad reviews