Bar Exam

California bar exam to last two-thirds as long, but could be just as difficult


Do payment guidelines for human egg donors violate antitrust law? Class action moves toward trial

White-Collar Crime

‘Disgrace to the entire legal profession’ gets time in 2 federal fraud cases

Law Schools

About 85 percent of law students at California’s unaccredited schools drop out

Criminal Justice

Lawyer-turned-reality star is found dead; her boyfriend is arrested


Judge nixes felony case against Anna Nicole Smith boyfriend-lawyer, says it ‘reeks of unfairness’


Informant sues feds, says they didn’t tell him when agent for whom he worked was fired

Attorney Fees

Judge blasts class action firm for $5M fee maneuver; it now gets zilch

Disability Law

Are ride-hailing businesses Uber and Lyft ADA-compliant? Massachusetts AG has questions


After firestorm over claim in sex-abuse trial that 14-year-old consented, lawmakers ban the defense

Law Firms

Reed Smith practice leader leaps to Cooley in four-partner group

Administrative Law

Uber hit with $7.3M fine in California

Public Defenders

ACLU sues California county and state over public defender caseload


Mice, claimed urine stains and file-filled halls photographed at ‘surprisingly gross’ DA’s office

Constitutional Law

Strip club’s suit alleging police raids violated Constitution is allowed to proceed

Antitrust Law

Federal magistrate awards nearly $46M in legal fees in NCAA athlete-pay case

Criminal Justice

Feds accuse Harvard law grad in kidnapping that police initially considered a hoax

Entertainment & Sports Law

Season ticket holder sues Major League Baseball, wants netting extended to foul poles


Judge won’t enforce $500K bench warrant against no-show Conrad Hilton if he is at September hearing

Criminal Justice

California city identified potential shooters and paid them to stay out of trouble