‘Patch and pray’ remains the norm nearly 20 years after hackers warned US lawmakers about risks

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Judge OKs consolidated suit over theft of Sony ex-workers’ personal info


Feds probe Cardinals officials for alleged hacking of Astros database

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International laws complicate the hunt for data evidence


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Sales exec claims she was fired for removing app that allowed boss to track her 24/7

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Techshow’s ‘60 Sites’ highlight: Glitter revenge?

ABA Techshow

Manage your law office technology so it doesn’t manage you

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Health data isn’t secure; ‘antiquated’ HIPAA needs to regulate Facebook and Google, experts say

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Law profs victimized in tax-refund scam

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Cyber liability insurance is an increasingly popular, almost necessary choice for law firms

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Are Lyft and Uber drivers employees? Juries will decide

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US offers $3M bounty for alleged Russian hacker, a record reward for a cybersecurity case

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Banks and law firms are collaborating on project to share info about cybersecurity threats

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Preloaded adware makes some laptops more vulnerable to hackers than others, experts say


Be careful what you say when your smart TV is on, Samsung warns customers