Law Practice

Security Test: Innovative lab checks digital products for privacy risks

Internet Law

FBI faked Associated Press news story to identify teen suspect in high school bomb-threats case


Is your firm’s phone line secure? If not, a hack attack can cost you big bucks


How can you protect your privacy following recent iPhone updates?

Criminal Justice

Maker of eavesdropping and surveillance app indicted

Legal Rebels Profile

Ronald Deibert’s ‘CSI of cyberspace’ exposes global injustice and promotes cybersecurity


Home Depot confirms data breach


NSA surveillance policies raise questions about the viability of the attorney-client privilege


Fake law firm websites use real firms’ photos and info, but alter contact details

Annual Meeting

ABA House urges all organizations to develop cybersecurity programs

Annual Meeting

You don’t need perfect tech knowhow for ethics’ sake—but a reasonable grasp is essential

International Law

Snowden gets 3-year residency permit, is on track for Russian citizenship

Trials & Litigation

Some 17,000 seek to join law student’s Facebook class action in Austria

Law By the Numb#rs

Firms keep a tight rein on employees’ mobile access to networks


Law firms’ own employees are among the major cyberthreats to be protected against

Administrative Law

FCC stakes out Florida driver, seeks to fine him $48K for allegedly using cellphone jammer

Criminal Justice

Feds tell local law enforcement to remain silent about cellphone surveillance

Internet Law

Mom can’t learn who created fake Instagram account in daughter’s name; police say no crime occurred


DOJ charges Russian in ‘Cryptolocker’ and ‘Project Zeus’ attacks, says US victims lost over $100M

ABA Techshow 2014

Be vigilant about protecting sensitive client data with these tools