First Amendment

Internet Law

Business can’t get access to identities of Yelp reviewers in Virginia suit, state high court says

Constitutional Law

Suit claims prostitution ban violates constitutional rights

Privacy Law

Artist who photographed neighbors with zoom lens isn’t liable for privacy invasion, court says

First Amendment

Charitable collection bins are a form of speech protected by First Amendment, appeals court says

Religious Law

Yoga classes in public schools don’t amount to religious instruction, appeals court says

Health Law

Doctors question required advice to women in new Arizona abortion law

Your ABA

When is posting on social media a crime? Panel debates the issue

First Amendment

Man arrested for cursing during 911 call files civil-rights suit

Criminal Justice

Nude sunbather, 77, agrees to plea deal in case over his backyard practice

Criminal Justice

Rapper Tiny Doo wins dismissal of charges tied to his lyrics

First Amendment

2 students are expelled over racist frat video; is ouster a First Amendment violation?


Former state chief justice is ashamed of the fundraising process


Florida Bar restrictions on lawyer ads which cite past results is struck down by federal court

Obiter Dicta

Satanists challenge local governments over public religious expression

Constitutional Law

Family sues over man’s suicide during armed standoff with authorities outside his home

Question of the Week

Should vaccination be required by law?

Civil Rights

Ex-clerk sues judge, says his own mental health was questioned when he refused to be bullied

Legal Ethics

When is a blog lawyer advertising? Proposed California state bar opinion offers guidance

First Amendment

Where should the line between free speech and accountability be drawn on social media?

Trials & Litigation

6th Circuit upholds $3.5M judgment against former assistant AG for stalking gay college student