First Amendment

First Amendment

First Amendment protects anti-abortion activist’s satirical use of NAACP name, 4th Circuit rules

Copyright Law

En banc 9th Circuit nixes earlier Google takedown order for ‘Innocence of Muslims’

Criminal Justice

Final Exit Network is convicted for assisting suicide

Internet Law

Rap video, tattoo photos on defendant’s Facebook page were admissible, 2nd Circuit says

Environmental Law

New Wyoming law turns environmental activists into criminals, law prof says

Constitutional Law

2nd Circuit rules NSA phone surveillance program is not authorized by Patriot Act

First Amendment

City’s ban on vehicle for-sale signs violates First Amendment, judge rules in lawyer’s $1 lawsuit

First Amendment

Ex-law student who posted 3D printable gun instructions sues government over its effort to stop him

First Amendment

Singing in the post office isn’t a constitutional right, 11th Circuit rules in pro se appeal

Constitutional Law

Flag desecration case nixed against man who wrote AIM on US stars and stripes

U.S. Supreme Court

Defendant in pending SCOTUS case over Facebook threats is arrested in alleged domestic incident

Criminal Justice

Cops kill two gunmen at ‘draw Muhammad’ event sponsored by group in ‘killing Jews’ ad case

Legal Technology

ACLU app allows Californians to record and preserve videos of police civil-rights violations

Constitutional Law

9th Circuit OKs city’s ban on holiday displays, says ‘heckler’s veto’ doctrine doesn’t apply

Your ABA

Cincinnati lawyer works to ensure equal rights, treatment for American Muslims

Labor & Employment

Rapped for photo taken with Snoop Dogg, state trooper files whistleblower suit against department

Trademark Law

Rock band gets First Amendment rehearing in its quest for a trademark deemed disparaging

Religious Law

Swingers club claims it is a church in zoning fight

Constitutional Law

NYC transit agency may ban all political ads to avoid complying with federal judge’s ruling

First Amendment

Satirical ‘killing Jews’ ad can’t be banned from New York mass transit, judge rules