First Amendment


Six Montana justices file amicus brief defending ban on acceptance of partisan endorsements

First Amendment

3rd Circuit upholds ban on gay-conversion therapy for underage youths; will SCOTUS take the case?

Constitutional Law

ACLU to defend man jailed for posting heavy metal band’s violent song lyrics on Facebook

First Amendment

Teen’s Facebook photos with Jesus statue lead to desecration charge

Constitutional Law

Lawyer who dropped out of US Senate race sues to get his name removed from ballot

Religious Law

Atheist who wouldn’t take ‘so help me God’ oath isn’t allowed to re-enlist, group says

Internet Law

Twitter must reveal user info after posted photo leads to charges against wrong man, judge says

Constitutional Law

Former top NYC lawyer sues police department, says she was arrested for standing on a sidewalk

First Amendment

Suit claims male teen has constitutional right to wear makeup in driver’s license photo

Labor & Employment

7th Circuit upholds Indiana right-to-work law barring mandatory union dues

U.S. Supreme Court

Rap music scholars aim to educate SCOTUS in threats case

First Amendment

Does press have First Amendment right to view entire execution? ACLU sues over closed blinds

Constitutional Law

High school student says she was disciplined for saying ‘bless you’ after classmate sneezed

Criminal Justice

Mom faces disorderly conduct charge for dropping F-bomb while shopping with kids

First Amendment

Immigration judge sues Justice Department, claims recusal order chills her free-speech rights

First Amendment

Are police in Ferguson violating the Constitution?

Constitutional Law

9th Circuit revives inmate’s suit alleging his letter to his lawyer was read by a prison guard

Legal Ethics

Restriction on judicial quotes in lawyer ads violates First Amendment, 3rd Circuit rules

Annual Meeting

‘We shouldn’t treat shootings like ... natural disasters,’ ABA President Silkenat says

Privacy Law

Never mind: US says it doesn’t need to redact transcript of public court hearing after all