Constitutional Law

Homeowner fined for sharing water loses appeal claiming law was unintelligible to the average person

Consumer Law

See the video: Both $4 plastic cup of beer and taller $7 version hold the same amount, lawsuit says

Family Law

Lesbian may adopt her wife’s children, Idaho Supreme Court says

Trials & Litigation

Lawyer convicted in failed contract-hit attempt on wife sues defense counsel for malpractice

Tort Law

Family sues car dealership, says they were held at gunpoint on mistaken theft claim over BMW loaner

Criminal Justice

Lawyer saves teen client who appeared ready to leap from courthouse roof

Trials & Litigation

Judge Orders Prosecutor and Defendant Into Mediation In Death Penalty Case

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court Won’t Consider Ban on Insanity Defense; Dissenters Explain Idaho Law with Wolf Hypo

Criminal Justice

Lawyer Takes Misdemeanor Plea During Trial for Alleged Attack on Woman in Law Office Conference Room

Constitutional Law

Meet David Nevin, ‘Velvet Shiv’ Defense Attorney for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Civil Procedure

Idaho County to Hire Lawyer to Assist Pro Se Litigants

Law Schools

First Class Is on Verge of Beginning Studies at Concordia U Law School

Constitutional Law

Unhappy with State AG’s ‘Completely Unsupported’ Opinion, Idaho House Speaker Goes Lawyer-Shopping

U.S. Supreme Court

Landowners’ Wetlands Dispute Becomes Conservative Cause and Supreme Court Case

Education Law

High School Had Right to Search 18-Year-Old’s Car for Smokes; Drug, Weapon Charges Result

Criminal Justice

Lawyer Guilty in Failed Contract Hit on Wife Gets 50 Years; They Both Say Feds Framed Him

Legal Ethics

Disbarred After $1.48M Alleged BigLaw Billing Fraud, Ex-Attorney Faces Uphill Reinstatement Battle

Constitutional Law

Federal Judge Blocks Enforcement of Idaho Law Criminalizing Certain Abortions

Opening Statements

Spotlight On the Three States That Maintain All-Male High Courts

Criminal Justice

Fed’l Jury Convicts Lawyer of Hiring Hitman to Kill His Wife with Pipe Bomb