Intellectual Property Law

Opening Statements

Digital rights group asks US Copyright Office for car-owner exemptions

Business of Law

Law school clinics join to help battle patent trolls

Your ABA

White paper proposing controls for online piracy makes opponents of Internet regulation see red

Internet Law

Revenge-porn website operator wants his own photos taken down, blasts media ‘shame narratives’

Copyright Law

Katy Perry’s lawyers assert Left Shark copyright, send cease-and-desist letter to 3D printer

Copyright Law

BigLaw firm fights ‘revenge porn’ with pro bono advocacy; suit alleges copyright infringement

Letters to the Editor

Letters: Support for parents

Opening Statements

Legal minds differ on whether The Bluebook is subject to copyright protection

Supreme Court Report

Business-method and software patents may go through the looking glass after Alice decision

Trials & Litigation

Fat Noodle is ‘confusingly similar’ to Chubby Noodle, restaurant says in trademark suit

Law Firms

Bracewell IP partners lead 10-lawyer team to Pillsbury’s new office in Austin, Texas

Trademark Law

Seattle Seahawks attempting to trademark the number 12, the word ‘boom’ and more

Copyright Law

Beastie Boys seek $2.4M from Monster Energy to cover legal fees in copyright case

U.S. Supreme Court

‘Clear error’ standard of review in factual disputes applies in patent claims, SCOTUS says

Business of Law

After 44 years at law firm, name partner to lead a 3-partner team elsewhere

Trademark Law

Craft brewers find good beer names are limited; one conflict creates ‘Collaboration Not Litigation’

Media & Communications Law

Sony Pictures hires David Boies, who warns media to destroy documents leaked by hackers

Patent Law

SCOTUS accepts Spider-Man patent royalty case; petitioners want court to overrule 1964 precedent

Legal Technology

Lawyer’s tech tools track litigation, predict chances of success before patent board

Appellate Practice

BigLaw patent lawyer faces possible sanction over petition filed with US Supreme Court