Intellectual Property Law


Perkins Coie lawyer who fought ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ dies in bike accident

Trademark Law

ALS Association seeks trademark for ‘ice bucket challenge’

Copyright Law

Monkey selfies do not qualify for copyright protection, US regulators say

Trials & Litigation

Patent lawyer faces $5.9M malpractice suit over wrong bra-insert dimensions

Intellectual Property Law

Hacking software in Batman movie doesn’t infringe on real-life product, says 7th Circuit

Internet Law

Gadfly buys website in DA’s name after he lets registration expire


Judge Judy settles suit over ads with her likeness

Copyright Law

Who owns the copyright to monkey’s selfie? Wikimedia denies photographer’s takedown request

Patent Law

Government paralegals making up to $80K had little work to do, report says

Business of Law

Growing Texas-based IP ‘super-boutique’ plants flag in Philly, plans more East Coast expansion

Around the Blawgosphere

Wearing a ‘smartwatch’ to court | Trademarking a hog call | Better Call Saul—and here’s the number

Copyright Law

Northwestern sues ex-employee, says author took book she was paid to write on infamous murder case

Copyright Law

YouTube restores video of protest at eviction lawyer’s seminar

Intellectual Property Law

Imprisoned ex-dictator Manuel Noriega sues over use of his persona in ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops II’

Legal Marketing

Brewery sues DUI law firm, says look-alike ‘Sessions Law’ mark confuses ‘Session Lager’ customers

Trials & Litigation

Lawyer sued by Judge Judy over TV ads says stations urged him to participate

Government Law

Exec cites free speech in spat over parking-spot-sale app, but seems to comply with takedown demand

Intellectual Property Law

John Wayne’s heirs sue Duke University

Legal Marketing & Consulting

Solo claims two law firms stole his website content, harming his Google search-result position

Supreme Court Report

Federal Circuit gets reined in over patent fees in infringement suits