Law Firms

Kansas City’s Polsinelli & Shughart Firms in Merger Talks

Criminal Procedure

Activists Spurring Grand Jury Probes More Successful Fighting Porn than Abortion

Labor and Employment

Mayor’s Aide Files Discrimination Suit Over a Volunteer—the Mayor’s Wife


Last Brown v. Board of Ed Plaintiff, Zelma Henderson, Dies

Legal Technology

Capital Murder Trial Chronicled Via Twitter

Legal Ethics

Lawyer Suspended for Failing to E-File

Criminal Justice

Kansas Strikes ‘John Doe’ Rape Warrants

Family Law

Sperm Donor Who Claims Parental Rights Seeks Cert

Criminal Justice

Woman’s Boyfriend Charged in Stuck-Toilet-Seat Case

Grand Juries

Kansas Supreme Court Halts Release of Abortion Records

Criminal Procedure

Citizen-Launched Kan. Grand Juries Pursue Abortion & Porn Cases

Legal Ethics

Kansas AG in Sex Scandal Resigns

Labor & Employment Law

Kansas Agog Over AG Sex Scandal

Law Firms

KC Firm in Merger Talks, Expanding to Chicago

Attorney Fees

Kansas Utility Owes CEO $2.46M in Defense Costs

Family Law

Sperm Donor Loses Suit for Parental Rights

Criminal Justice

Abortion Doc Tries To Block Grand Jury

Criminal Justice

Ex-AG, Now a Local DA, Charges Abortion Clinic

Lawyer Pay

Merit, Not Lockstep, Pay at Jones Day

Trials & Litigation

Sprint’s 30-Day Settlement Total Nears $150 M