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Law Schools

Despite 1-Month Deadline Extension, Law School Apps Likely to Plummet Up to 20% at Kansas U

Trials & Litigation

Former AG Blasts Kansas Supreme Court During Lunch Break in His Legal Ethics Trial

Appellate Practice

Kansas Appeals Court Tells Lawyer His Oft-Repeated Argument Is ‘Legally Vacuous’

Trials & Litigation

Abortion Doc’s Sensitive Patient Records Were Stored in Ex-AG Employee’s Home, Ethics Panel Is Told

Privacy Law

In Facebook Age, Do Photos Carry Expectation of Privacy? Placenta Opinion Raises the Issue


Testing Seat Belt Law, Kansas Man Buckles Up in an Unusual Manner

Constitutional Law

Did Feds Use ‘Nuclear Bomb’ Grand Jury Subpoena to Silence Critic? Supreme Court May Decide

Business of Law

Husch Blackwell Confirms Layoffs of Nearly 20 Lawyers Last Month


103-Year-Old Federal Judge Is ‘Sharp and Capable’ and Still on the Job


Judge Refuses to Halt Merit-Based Judicial Nominating Process


Suit Seeks to Block Appointment of Kansas Supreme Court Judge

Legal Ethics

Lawyer Suspended for Overbilling Is Disbarred for Continuing to Practice

Legal Ethics

Lawyer Accused of Sexual Harassment Says Testosterone Meds Made Him Do It

Legal Ethics

Panel: Suspended Lawyer Only Pretended Not to Practice and Should Be Disbarred

Legal Ethics

Lawyer in Hot Water for Helping Newspaper Reporter Write About Prison Sex

Law Practice Management

Bookkeeper Gets 51 Months for Stealing $948K From Law Firm


Law Student Refocuses on NBA, Says Chance of Being Drafted Better Than Legal Job

Court Security

Courthouse Cooler Warned of Explosion But Actually Contained Phone Books

Criminal Justice

Roeder Gets Harshest Possible ‘Hard 50’ Life Term in Kansas Abortion Doc Murder


Meet Wesley Brown: At 102, He’s the Oldest Active Federal Judge in U.S.
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Two prisoners watch lawyer walk out of prison.

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    "How did the meeting with your attorney go?" "He said these balloons had a better chance of getting me out than he did."