Legislation & Lobbying

Opening Statements

Oregonians get a chance to erase marijuana-growing convictions

National Pulse

States seek to stop voters from posting ballot selfies

National Pulse

Parole programs find benefit in swift-and-certain approach

Your ABA

Midyear meeting tour provides an up-close look at immigration issues

Constitutional Law

Top Florida court strikes state statute that paid worker’s comp lawyer $1.53 per hour

Labor & Employment

As ‘deeply flawed’ revised persuader rule takes effect, ABA joins in effort to block it

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court majority appears to side with former governor appealing corruption conviction

Legislation & Lobbying

Despite 2014 law, those who can’t pay court fines are still jailed: So Colorado lawmaker tries again

U.S. Supreme Court

Does bank fraud law require proof of intent to cheat the bank? SCOTUS to decide

Criminal Justice

Drunken driving in one’s own driveway is not a crime, state appeals court rules

Legal Ethics

Lawyer with state attorneys general practice didn’t violate lobbying law, ethics commission finds

Government Law

Kentucky governor is looking for law firm to investigate predecessor

Trials and Litigation

Trial date set for Sandy Hook lawsuit against gun companies

U.S. Supreme Court

Maryland program to encourage new generation of electricity is pre-empted, Supreme Court says

Health Law

New Florida law seeks to prevent big hospital billing surprises

Criminal Justice

Hacked info and legitimate trucks help sophisticated bandits drive off with big loads of nuts


Lawmakers mull ‘textalyzer’ bill that would let cops test cellphones to ID distracted drivers

Securities Law

SEC sues Texas AG Ken Paxton for securities fraud; his lawyer ‘vehemently denies’ claims

Family Law

After Florida repeals law, only two states still ban cohabitation

Supreme Court Nominations

Grassley plans breakfast with SCOTUS nominee Garland