Legislation & Lobbying


Clemency Project 2014 is out to help prisoners doing excessive time due to inflexible sentencing

National Pulse

Courts are reconsidering residency restrictions for sex offenders

President's Message

Respect and Influence: The ABA’s voice is strengthened by members’ efforts

Opening Statements

Delaware leads the way in adopting legislation allowing estate executors access to online accounts

National Pulse

Lawyers quarrel over tort liability after the Disneyland measles outbreak

Bryan Garner on Words

Lawmakers should work toward adopting strong, standardized language in criminal statutes

Report from Governmental Affairs

ABA Day in Washington lobbying event focused on LSC funding, juvenile justice and sentencing reform


July 28, 1932: U.S. Army disperses bonus marchers

Corporate Law

Delaware bans bylaws imposing legal fees on plaintiffs in losing shareholder litigation

Health Law

California lawmakers OK bill requiring parents to vaccinate their children

Trials & Litigation

Judge grants drug-ring chief a plea deal to free up courtroom for other trials

U.S. Supreme Court

A SCOTUS ruling against administration on health-care law could cite this case to avoid sudden chaos

Legislation & Lobbying

Should Confederate flag be displayed? ABA president, state officials, stores take a stand against it

Law Schools

Law school could lose $3M in funding; are lawmakers penalizing outspoken prof?


‘Patch and pray’ remains the norm nearly 20 years after hackers warned US lawmakers about risks

Civil Rights

Confederate flag should be removed from South Carolina state capitol grounds, governor says

Constitutional Law

US Senate votes to strengthen torture ban, adopts measures to help set parameters

Religious Law

New Michigan law allows adoption agencies to refuse service based on religious objections

Religious Law

Gay marriages are targeted in new North Carolina opt-out law for magistrates, other officials

White-Collar Crime

Former House speaker Hastert pleads not guilty to federal charges