Legislation & Lobbying

Civil Rights

DOJ and FBI to begin tracking hate crimes against Sikhs, Hindus and Arabs

Criminal Justice

California relaxes residency rules for sex offenders, will apply restrictions on case-by-case basis

Family Law

As a growing number of states enact ‘rehoming’ laws, Facebook reportedly disables adoption page

Attorney General

Loretta Lynch’s attorney general nomination ‘is being held hostage,’ editorial says

Criminal Justice

Fake IRS agents called 366,000 seeking money; 3,000 fell for scam since 2013, investigator says

Legislation & Lobbying

Utah to list white-collar criminals in first Internet registry for those convicted of fraud

Animal Law

Ferrets remain outlaws in New York City

Death Penalty

Utah lawmakers approve firing squads as execution back-up method

Criminal Justice

Big-city sheriff announces ‘rocket docket’ plan to get low-level offenders out of jail

Constitutional Law

Lawmaker sponsors bill to allow foster parents to carry a concealed handgun, if they have a permit

White-Collar Crime

Top lawmaker says US attorney created ‘media firestorm,’ asks federal judge to nix indictment

Criminal Justice

Pardon convicted paleontologist who found famous dinosaur fossil Sue, Senate committee urges

Religious Law

State lawmakers consider bills allowing businesses to refuse to serve gay couples

Legislation & Lobbying

Lawmaker’s French bulldog helped win bipartisan support in House for Amtrak ‘critter car’ bill

Legislation & Lobbying

‘Radical reform’ to state law would allow couples to divorce outside court, if approved

U.S. Supreme Court

Possible swing justices don’t tip their hands in health-care arguments

Trials & Litigation

Gender bias is an issue in worker’s comp awards, some say; legislation proposed

U.S. Supreme Court

Does federal law protect loan guarantors from marital-status bias? SCOTUS accepts case

U.S. Supreme Court

Does extortion conspiracy require outsider victim? Supreme Court agrees to decide

Your ABA

White paper proposing controls for online piracy makes opponents of Internet regulation see red