Legislation & Lobbying

Constitutional Law

Top Texas court strikes law allowing warrantless alcohol test, says it violates 4th Amendment

Insurance Law

Paying workers with health issues to get exchange-market insurance violates the law, feds say

Health Law

Fast-food sellers must list calories ‘clearly and conspicuously’ on menus within a year, FDA says

Immigration Law

Obama executive order to OK temporary stay by parents of US citizens and legal permanent residents

Constitutional Law

9th Circuit says paroled sex offenders don’t have to provide their Web names and addresses to police

White-Collar Crime

Lawyer sued by former firm in claimed $2.3M fake billing scheme now faces mail fraud case

Law Schools

Lawmaker proposes another University of Texas law school

U.S. Supreme Court

Is the health-care law doomed by new SCOTUS cert grant?

Legislation & Lobbying

Big Apple may join Chicago in banning bicyclists from texting

U.S. Supreme Court

Is a fish a ‘tangible object’? Justices debate reach of document destruction law

American Bar Association

Florida law restricting doctors’ gun discussions should be overturned, ABA says in amicus brief

Health Law

Terminally ill Brittany Maynard ends her life; her act may influence right-to-die debate

Family Law

Couple who championed Hannah’s Law after daughter’s death are charged in felony benefits case


From Playgrounds to Battlegrounds: Chicago teens tell how guns affected them and their neighborhoods


No Fracking Way: Towns across the country are stopping the big energy industry

Cover Story

Unwanted Guests

National Pulse

Losing to the Spread: New Jersey suffers a setback in its bid for a sports gambling law

Supreme Court Report

The Sashimi Provision

Report from Governmental Affairs

Building Momentum: Opponents of requiring accrual method of accounting for law firms gain support

Legislation & Lobbying

Baker Donelson forms ‘policy affiliate’ to be led by former US senator