Legislation & Lobbying

Legislation & Lobbying

New law says individuals can’t track each other via GPS once they are warned not to

Tort Law

Wendy Davis defends controversial wheelchair campaign ad, saying it attacks lawsuit-stance hypocrisy

Juvenile Justice

Truancy crackdown is linked to spike in youth confinement rate in West Virginia

Immigration Law

Local jails are increasingly refusing to hold inmates longer for possible deportations

Executive Branch

Pennsylvania official named in pornographic email scandal refuses to resign

Election Law

Divided appellate court strikes part of North Carolina’s controversial voting law

Criminal Justice

New first-of-its-kind California law could help prevent mass shootings and suicides, supporters say


Probationers’ Prison: Privatized supervision becomes a spiral of added fees, jail time


Oct. 6, 1958: Quiz Show Hearings Begin

Criminal Justice

Maker of eavesdropping and surveillance app indicted

Verdicts & Settlements

Despite mandatory restitution law, courts rarely award trafficking victims lost wages, study finds

Family Law

Same-sex spouses face extra legal hurdles in divorces and custody matters

The Modern Law Library

How a series of attacks by a breakaway Amish sect became a landmark hate-crimes case (podcast)

Education Law

California enacts new law to combat sexual violence on college campuses

Real Estate & Property Law

Judge rules against billionaire in beach-rights case, says he can’t close access road without permit

Health Law

New York Times article on hidden hospital costs sparks calls for change, suggestions for consumers

Legislation & Lobbying

State law may ban Nik Wallenda’s plan to walk Windy City tightrope

Constitutional Law

Is state supreme court ‘out of control’ for holding legislature in contempt?

Legislation & Lobbying

New law says California drivers must stay 3 feet away while passing bicyclists


Influential lawyer lobbyist Thomas Hale Boggs dies at 73