Legislation & Lobbying

Second Amendment

4th Circuit requires strict scrutiny of assault-weapons ban, says it’s not ‘a rubber stamp’

ABA Midyear Meeting

House approves model regulatory objectives for nontraditional legal services

Trials & Litigation

Fastcase sues Casemaker for takedown demand, says Georgia administrative rules can’t be copyrighted


Spitting at prosecutors would be a felony under Wisconsin bill

Immigration Law

After years of legal battle, Mexican immigrant becomes a New York lawyer

Death Penalty

How far should Florida go to reform death penalty? Lawmakers mull changes after SCOTUS decision

Constitutional Law

Delaware puts capital cases on hold while death-penalty issues are mulled by state supreme court


Will those who led the financial system into crisis ever face charges?

Bryan Garner on Words

How one lawyer went from aspiring library board member to municipal charter drafter

Report from Governmental Affairs

Congress and the administration are taking steps to help patients plan for end-of-life medical care

Legislation & Lobbying

Kansas legislature backs off in separation-of-powers faceoff with state supreme court

Government Law

Seattle mayor OKs ‘safe lots’ where those living in vehicles can park them

Government Law

Mayor nixes new San Francisco law allowing bicyclists to make rolling stops at intersections

Education Law

Spelling error sparks police terrorism investigation of schoolboy, 10

Trusts & Estates

Widow says Apple wanted death certificate, will and court order to reveal spouse’s password

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS accepts insider trading case involving passed tips; does tipper have to get tangible benefit?

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court agrees to hear former governor’s corruption appeal; did he take ‘official action’?


Legislation advances to keep Kansas courts open

Constitutional Law

Embattled AG Kathleen Kane seeks return of law license, points to suspended supreme court judge

Labor & Employment

Civil Rights Act’s sex-discrimination ban includes orientation, argues EEOC in amicus brief