Legislation & Lobbying

Legislation & Lobbying

Health data isn’t secure; ‘antiquated’ HIPAA needs to regulate Facebook and Google, experts say

Constitutional Law

US attorney ‘close to the edge’ in comments on indicted lawmaker, but federal judge won’t nix case

Criminal Justice

New York City could save by spending $1.4M to pay bail in some misdemeanor cases, lawmaker says

Legislation & Lobbying

Will provision in funding law stop feds from prosecuting marijuana crimes?

Corporate Law

Amid battle over bill banning fee-shifting bylaws in Delaware, legal experts point to loophole

Constitutional Law

New Kansas abortion law is the first to ban common ‘dismemberment’ procedure

Trials & Litigation

US Courts: Federal litigants face record civil-case backlog due to shortage of judges

Real Estate & Property Law

LA is rewriting law banning living in cars, after 9th Circuit rejected original ordinance

Executive Branch

President Obama commutes sentences of 22 drug offenders

Law Schools

Speaker at Indiana law school’s annual lecture cancels over state’s new religious law

Constitutional Law

New ‘constitutional carry’ law in Kansas doesn’t require a permit to have a concealed handgun

Civil Rights

Indiana legislature tweaks religious freedom law with added LGBT protections

Legislation & Lobbying

Arkansas governor says he won’t sign religious freedom bill without changes

Health Law

Doctors question required advice to women in new Arizona abortion law

President's Message

ABA Day is a chance for bar leaders to lobby policymakers on critical legal issues


Indian tribes are retaking jurisdiction over domestic violence on their own land

National Pulse

State copyright law now gives musicians performance rights

Your ABA

ABA House takes on domestic violence, executions at Midyear Meeting

Your ABA

Human rights ‘storm’ may hit oil, mining industries

Report from Governmental Affairs

Members’ involvement is vital in ongoing ABA efforts to lobby Congress