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State supreme court affirms 12-year sentence for inmate’s cellphone possession
The Mississippi Supreme Court has upheld the 12-year sentence of a man convicted for having a cellphone in jail.
First Amendment defense claims could threaten ‘revenge pornography’ statutes
Suit alleges 2 lawyers sexually assaulted paralegal after firm’s annual holiday party
A former paralegal at St. Louis law firm Brown & Crouppen claims in a lawsuit that she was apparently drugged at the firm’s annual holiday party and sexually assaulted by two firm attorneys at an Illinois strip club later that night.
Class action says Mississippi’s DA’s office has a pattern of wrongfully excluding black jurors
A federal lawsuit filed on Monday claims a Mississippi district attorney and his prosecutors are wrongfully using peremptory challenges to exclude potential black jurors more frequently than whites.
How do the states stack up? Lawyers make the most and least money in these areas
Lawyers make the lowest average salary in Montana and the highest average salary in California, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Mississippi takes steps to end delays in psychiatric evaluations of criminal defendants

Mississippi’s Department of Mental Health will spend nearly $20 million on a new unit for forensic beds, an investment the state hopes will relieve a long-standing embarrassment: the months, even…

Mississippi ranks last when it comes to access to justice; Tiffany Graves hopes to change that
Growing up in a working-class household and with a large extended family in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, Tiffany Graves knows what it looks like when a lawyer’s services are out of reach.
Kavanaugh opinion overturns conviction of black defendant for racial bias in jury selection
A black Mississippi inmate faces a possible seventh trial after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 7-2 Friday that a prosecutor had displayed racial bias in jury selection.
In states where inmates can vote, few exercise their right to cast ballots
When Sen. Bernie Sanders championed voting rights for prisoners during a CNN town hall, he spotlighted an intensifying national debate about why going to prison means losing the right to vote.
Mississippi institutes rule requiring more schooling after 3 bar exam failures

The state supreme court granted a petition from the Mississippi Board of Bar Examiners that requires 12 additional semester hours of law school before making a fourth attempt on the test.

2 US law firms lost over $117K to international cybercrime network, indictment alleges
A law firm in Washington, D.C., and a law office in Wellesley, Massachusetts, are among the victims of malware attacks by an overseas cybercrime network.
Lawyer held in contempt for spending $390K in frozen funds spends 2 weekends per month in jail

A lawyer in Jackson, Mississippi, continues to spend two weekends per month in jail for contempt of court after he failed to persuade a judge to switch him to home…

Federal judge compares Trump’s attacks on judiciary to KKK tactics
In a speech last week at his law school alma mater, a Mississippi federal judge compared President Donald Trump’s attacks on the judiciary to tactics used by segregationists and lawyers for the Ku Klux Klan.
5th Circuit judge raises eyebrows with ‘majority-minority panel’ reference in gerrymandering case

A dissent by Circuit Judge Edith Brown Clement in a Mississippi gerrymandering case is raising some questions and eyebrows. What, exactly, did the federal appeals judge mean when she wrote…

Conflict questions raised about prosecutors’ vote to join police union

Assistant prosecutors and investigators in St. Louis County have voted to join the police union in advance of a reform-minded leader taking the helm.

The Monday vote is raising questions…

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