Trials & Litigation

Judge holds 2 public defenders in contempt in dispute over representation of client

Trials & Litigation

PD’s office asks state’s top court to tell judge not to transfer cases to private counsel

Criminal Justice

Former Mississippi prison chief pleads guilty in private-prisons bribe case


Judge is indicted for allegedly striking mentally disabled man at flea market

Business of Law

Butler Snow adds 13 lawyers to rapidly growing Nashville office by acquiring litigation boutique

Criminal Justice

Arrestees in one Mississippi county languish in jail awaiting indictment and lawyers, suit says

Legal Ethics

Mississippi prosecuting attorney disbarred for misappropriating client money

Legal Ethics

Former youth court judge disciplined but can’t be kept from being re-elected to bench

Constitutional Law

Law that would close Mississippi’s only abortion clinic is enjoined by 5th Circuit

Trials & Litigation

State AG sues Experian, says credit-report Goliath stonewalls consumers about known errors

Trials & Litigation

BP cries foul, says crafty lawyers and claimants collected $500M in comp unrelated to oil spill

Criminal Justice

Judge mulls depraved-heart murder charge against teen accused of causing stillbirth by cocaine use

Animal Law

Did Exxon put La. alligators on Miss. oil waste site? Neighbor sues over claimed infestation

Sentencing/Post Conviction

5th Circuit denies Miss. inmate’s habeas corpus petition citing controversial forensic pathologist

Disability Law

Survey leads to multiple federal complaints of widespread discrimination against deaf renters

Criminal Justice

Only a handful of states allow conjugal prison visits; which one is dropping its program?

Education Law

Gay students are routinely bullied in one Miss. school district, suit alleges

Trials & Litigation

Baker & McKenzie wins damages retrial in driller’s $103M malpractice case

U.S. Supreme Court

Should Mississippi AG’s suit against LCD makers be heard in state court? SCOTUS to decide

White-Collar Crime

Disbarred lawyer gets 40 years for embezzling $1.2M from child’s guardianship fund