Dallas County DA talks about her two-month absence and untreated depression

Constitutional Law

ACLU lawsuit says county is jailing people who can’t afford to pay fines

U.S. Supreme Court

Inmate’s claim that Pennsylvania’s top justice should have recused himself gets SCOTUS review

Criminal Justice

Meet the California public defender who is ‘shaking the Orange County legal system to its bedrock’

Legal Ethics

Ex-prosecutor accused of ‘disruptive conduct’ at adult store agrees to suspension


Kid Rock shows for jury duty, promises to give police ‘the benefit of the doubt’


AG Loretta Lynch says US prosecutor will work at European police agency

Appellate Practice

State appeals court dismisses contempt charges against DA over tardy filings


Fired prosecutor didn’t lie under oath, simply failed to recall years-ago events, his lawyer says

Trials & Litigation

Once-convicted lawyer turns tables on feds, seeks $215K for defense fees in $52M mortgage-fraud case


Prosecutor fired over claimed lies under oath in shooting case

Criminal Procedure

Some defendants wait 5 years or longer for trial in backlogged California county’s courts

Civil Rights

DA should have charged deputy in court assault on inmate, judge says, but it’s too late to do so now

Death Penalty

Judge says DA intentionally withheld murder trial evidence, but denies defense bid for retrial ban

White-Collar Crime

Justice Department releases guidelines to foster pursuit of individuals in corporate wrongdoing

Constitutional Law

Judge to DA: Explain why deputy wasn’t prosecuted over courtroom use of force on chained inmate

Legal Ethics

Leak of discipline case against Pennsylvania AG taints jury trial in criminal case, her counsel says

White-Collar Crime

Ex-prosecutor indicted over alleged text offer to pay $20K to get opponent to exit judicial campaign

Criminal Justice

Inmate offers to be a bone marrow donor for judge who put him in jail while a prosecutor

Criminal Justice

Anonymous ‘cyberbullying’ by prosecutors deprived cops of fair trial, 5th Circuit says