Legal Ethics

Prosecutor’s appearance on ‘Nancy Grace’ spurs bar complaint by a defense lawyer

Attorney General

DOJ mandates implicit bias training for prosecutors and agents

Criminal Justice

Prosecutor is charged for alleged in-the-buff hotel-room spectacle after blogger asks questions

Criminal Justice

Lawyer facing felony home invasion charge wants DA off the case; judge who owned the house agrees

Public Defenders

Utah’s indigent defense system is underfunded and unconstitutional, ACLU suit alleges

Criminal Justice

Mississippi DA is arrested for allegedly aiding criminal defendants

Criminal Justice

Jurors convict prisoner accused in kidnapping of prosecutor’s dad

Criminal Justice

Prosecutor blasts federal court for scheduling hate crimes trial of Dylann Roof before state trial

Internet Law

Prosecutor’s Facebook post calls Orlando nightclubs ‘utter cesspools of debauchery’

Criminal Justice

Prosecutor challenges judge to carry through on her contempt threat, is ordered into custody

Legal Ethics

Judge who accused prosecutor of ‘lie from the pit of hell’ agrees to reprimand and apology

Legal Ethics

Prosecutor’s gun prank leads to suspension

International Law

Law student in Mexico is reunited with his US mom 20 years after kidnapping

U.S. Supreme Court

DA-turned-justice violated due process by refusing to recuse in inmate’s appeal, Supreme Court rules

Court Security

Trial begins for claimed gang leader accused of orchestrating kidnap of prosecutor’s dad

Criminal Justice

Criminal defense lawyers say police have it wrong in claimed law professor contract-hit case

Trials & Litigation

Federal prosecutors routinely got a look at documents selected by defense for copying, motion says

Death Penalty

Prosecutor is ‘pathologically enthralled’ with death penalty, motion says; ‘Death Row Marv’ is cited

Election Law

Judicial candidates’ self-drafted ballot titles spur legal fights over accuracy

Criminal Justice

Drew Peterson guilty of seeking contract hit on prosecutor in murder case