Real Estate & Property Law

Verdicts & Settlements

US will pay Navajo Nation $554M to settle suit claiming mismanagement of resources

Administrative Law

Uproar over Forest Service plan to require media to get permits to take wilderness photos

Real Estate & Property Law

Judge rules against billionaire in beach-rights case, says he can’t close access road without permit

Real Estate & Property Law

Owner of nearly completed home, challenged as too modern, wins in court

Criminal Justice

Nonprofit wants to buy home of slain lawyer to house trafficking victims

Real Estate & Property Law

Former managing partner embezzled $30M from law firm and affiliated title company, suit says

Law Firms

Defunct law firm must still pay for sublease in Manhattan, court rules

Trusts & Estates

Delaware is first state to adopt model law that says social media accounts can be inherited

Energy Law

Solar power towers are igniting birds in midair; wildlife protection groups are concerned

Real Estate & Property Law

Neighbor of chief federal prosecutor faces graffiti charge for tagging boundary fence

Law Firms

Suit claims boiler room operation recruited plaintiffs in alleged law firm mortgage rescue scam

Constitutional Law

Civil rights group sues Philly DA, says illegal civil forfeiture ‘machine’ helps fund office

Criminal Justice

Top lawyer for tech company is slain; ex-roommate who lost eviction case is sought as suspect

Criminal Justice

After billionaire ex-client testifies, man who sold $20M in fake French wine gets 10 years

Legal Ethics

Solo is censured for failing to detect paralegal’s participation in mortgage fraud scheme

Real Estate & Property Law

Condo owners in Florida battle developers seeking forced sale of their units

Trials & Litigation

Ex-business partner of lawyer convicted in ‘kids for cash’ seeks freeze on incoming $150M legal fee

Real Estate & Property Law

Woman sues after family dies at local Home Depot in Joplin tornado; retailer cites ‘act of God’


Aug. 12, 1998: Swiss banks settle Holocaust claims

Banking Law

Judge orders Bank of America to pay $1.2B for Countrywide’s sale of faulty loans