South Carolina

Media & Communications Law

Should cellphone signals be jammed at prisons? FCC mulls issue of contraband devices there

Criminal Justice

Cops perform roadside body cavity search after warning, ‘You gonna pay for this one, boy,’ suit says

Law Schools

Charleston School of Law launches new spring admissions program

Court Security

Man asks for federal prison time in judge-threat case so he can get mental health treatment

Criminal Justice

After videos show deputy’s classroom confrontation, Justice Department is asked to investigate

Law Practice

South Carolina courts tackle quality-of-life issues

Trials & Litigation

South Carolina paying $215K in legal fees in same-sex marriage battles

Work/Life Balance

Retired judge who helped set swim record at 85 makes ‘best law decisions’ in the pool

Criminal Justice

Cop shooting of white teen in Hardee’s sting gets lesser media attention; lawyer sees racial reason


Harley rider focuses on motorcycle law in office at converted service station

Law Schools

Judge is expected to block layoff of professor at Charleston School of Law

Criminal Procedure

Church-slayings suspect Dylann Roof wants to plead guilty in federal hate-crime case, lawyer says

Trials & Litigation

Charleston shooting trial set for 2016; judge extends gag order despite media objections

Criminal Justice

Background-check flaw let Charleston church-massacre suspect buy a gun, FBI chief says

Legislation & Lobbying

Impassioned speech by lawyer opposing Confederate flag rocked South Carolina House

Civil Rights

State senate votes to remove Confederate flag from South Carolina Capitol

Law Professors

Suits by law profs claim they were fired for opposing law school’s sale to InfiLaw

Legislation & Lobbying

Should Confederate flag be displayed? ABA president, state officials, stores take a stand against it

Civil Rights

Confederate flag should be removed from South Carolina state capitol grounds, governor says


Church-shooting bond judge was reprimanded for N-word advice; comments at hearing bring debate