Brooklyn DA launches hate crimes unit after spike in reports this year

Animal Law

Should the species of the victim influence punishment?


Texas justice is probably America’s most avid judicial Tweeter; is it unseemly?

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS blocks early voting scheduled in Ohio for today; ACLU official predicts confusion

Criminal Justice

Three lawyers are accused of paying criminal justice staffer to send wealthy defendants to them

The Modern Law Library

How a series of attacks by a breakaway Amish sect became a landmark hate-crimes case (podcast)

Criminal Justice

Cancer researcher gets 10 years in poisoning case

Criminal Justice

Chicago-area woman accused of plotting to kill town president, attorney

Criminal Justice

Former Texas judge admits stealing dead man’s Social Security benefits


Did any Pennsylvania judges receive ‘porngate’ emails? Chief justice wants to know

Criminal Justice

Judge says lawyer appeared unsteady and disheveled in court, orders drug test and jailing

Trials & Litigation

Man with horns on face, 666 tattoo on forehead is guilty in triple-murder case

Criminal Justice

Imprisoned ex-cop gets 18 months more for putting ‘Miami Mice’ recording of fellow officers online

Trials & Litigation

Law firm seeks to join line of judgment creditors against ex-attorney Stan Chesley

Trials & Litigation

Federal judge axes Fox Rothschild in hacking case because firm represented a claimed victim company

Law in Popular Culture

Daughter of BTK serial killer speaks out against Stephen King story, says her dad enjoys attention

Constitutional Law

Wall Street law partner sues New York police, says he was arrested for talking to Occupy protesters

Criminal Justice

Lawyer gets probation for failing to report kickback scheme, says he didn’t want to rock the boat

White-Collar Crime

Lawyer guilty in client money-laundering case; his own words at trial helped convict him, juror says


Judge axed evidence when cops took Fifth in lawyer-client eavesdropping; will she dismiss 2nd case?