Tribal Law/Courts


May 8, 1973: American Indian Movement surrenders at Wounded Knee after 71-day standoff

Report from Governmental Affairs

Congress should bolster jurisdiction of tribal courts over violence against children, ABA urges

Annual Meeting

Gay ‘conversion therapy’ for minors opposed by ABA House leaders

Annual Meeting

Commissioners speak on the future of justice on American Indian land

National Pulse

South Dakota class action highlights violations of the Indian Child Welfare Act


Indian tribes are retaking jurisdiction over domestic violence on their own land

National Pulse

American Indians challenging eagle feather rules get a boost from Hobby Lobby ruling

Verdicts & Settlements

US will pay Navajo Nation $554M to settle suit claiming mismanagement of resources

Legal Ethics

Indian tribe’s malpractice case against former lawyers thrown out

Attorney Fees

Tribe says sovereign immunity protects it from paying $1M attorney fees in Baby Veronica case

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS sides with adoptive couple, says Indian Child Welfare Act doesn’t apply

Trials & Litigation

Federal judge sequesters 19 lawyers in jury room, tells them to ‘identify genuine issues’ by 2 pm

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court to Hear Adoption Case Involving Baby Veronica and American Indian Dad


October 28, 1867: Medicine Lodge Treaty Is Signed

Government Law

New Mexico Law School Dean Nominated to Head Bureau of Indian Affairs


Economics and Culture Both Put Their Stamp on Ethics Rules in Tribal Courts

Legal Ethics

Navajo Nation Supreme Court Disbars Lawyer for His Contrary Legal Advice

Opening Statements

Living History

International Law

Law Professor, Judge and Legal Advocacy Group Share $500K Gruber Prize

Tribal Law/Courts

DOJ Calls for Better Law Enforcement on Indian Reservations