Verdicts & Settlements

Consumer Law

StarKist settlement offers a bonanza for tuna lovers: $25 refund or $50 in tuna

Trials & Litigation

Judge orders mom to repay son for keeping $5K bar mitzvah gift from grandma

Trials & Litigation

Estate of heiress who left hundreds of millions loses $4M legal battle with NYC hospital

Verdicts & Settlements

Lead paint victims sell structured settlements for pennies on the dollar

Criminal Justice

Shooter James Holmes gets 12 life terms plus 3,318 years in Batman movie massacre

Intellectual Property Law

Chicken sandwich can’t be copyrighted, federal appeals court rules

Constitutional Law

Death penalty in Mississippi temporarily frozen, due to federal judge’s ruling

Trials & Litigation

Federal judge orders lawyer who leaked docs to media to take ethics classes, do community service

Constitutional Law

Do selfies violate laws protecting privacy in the voting booth?

Trials & Litigation

Judge has public defender handcuffed, but gives him a break at contempt hearing

Criminal Justice

NY man convicted of use of WMD in plot to kill Muslims

Copyright Law

Michael Jordan is smiling after winning $8.9M in ad case, but says suit ‘was never about the money’

Legal Ethics

Retired judge faces felony charges over alleged lies to judicial watchdog

Government Law

Federal judge nixes city’s copyright suit over government meeting footage in critic’s YouTube videos

White-Collar Crime

Former CEO of red-light camera vendor takes plea in Chicago bribery case

Criminal Justice

Dad who let 15-year-old drive gets prison time after fatal accident


University to pay $480K to remove convicted embezzler’s name from stadium scoreboard

Antitrust Law

After NLRB loss, attorney for would-be Northwestern football union points to lawsuit against NCAA

Trials & Litigation

Found not guilty, murder defendant wins only a mistrial after jury is polled

Law in Popular Culture

Wrong man arrested on ‘troubling’ reality TV show has no civil rights case, 7th Circuit rules