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Law Schools

Wyoming law school ends out-of-state tuition—for three students per year

Criminal Justice

Hit by budget cuts, state crime lab can’t always process evidence in time for trial

Legal Ethics

Lawyer is censured over $71K legal bill that included $30K in interest

Trials & Litigation

Punitive verdict for carbon monoxide poisoning was ‘excessive and arbitrary,’ 10th Circuit says

Trials & Litigation

Coal company asks court to strike protest song lyrics from activists’ lawsuit

Environmental Law

Judge temporarily blocks rules for fracking on federal lands

Environmental Law

New Wyoming law turns environmental activists into criminals, law prof says

Constitutional Law

Federal judges OK same-sex marriage in Arizona and Wyoming; SCOTUS declines Alaska stay

Bar Associations

Dick Cheney’s unedited bio stirs controversy among Wyoming lawyers

Sentencing/Post Conviction

75-year-old woman gets life in prison for 1970s slaying of her then-husband

Death Penalty

Bill to allow firing-squad executions is being drafted in state with just one death-row inmate

Law Schools

Wyoming law dean resigns, cites lack of ‘meaningful consultation’ on recent decisions

U.S. Supreme Court

Scalia’s Advice to Law Students: Take Bread-and-Butter Classes, Not ‘Law and Women’


Search for Missing Lawyer Ends with Discovery of Body

Law Firms

After 50 Years, Wyo. Oil and Gas Law Firm Is Disbanding

Criminal Justice

Fugitive Ex-Lawyer Accused of Client Thefts in 2008 Is Arrested While Hitchhiking

Corporate Law

Wyoming Home Is a ‘Little Cayman Island’ for Shell Companies

Constitutional Law

Double Jeopardy Precludes Retrial of Woman Prosecuted After Telling Police She Found a Wallet

Family Law

Wyoming Courts May Grant Same-Sex Divorce, State Supreme Court Says


After 32 Years, Criminal Lawyer Plans to Exit Practice to Study Religion in Jerusalem
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