The 2009 ABA Journal Blawg 100

These are the 100 best Web sites by lawyers, for lawyers, as chosen by the editors of the ABA Journal.

Welcome to the third annual ABA Journal Blawg 100 - the best legal blogs as selected by the Journal's editors.

Our readers clued us in to a few law blogs we'd never seen before, and you'll find them among the 40 blawgs that are new to our list this year.

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Mendelson's Musings

Mendelson’s Musings drew our admiration this year when Boulder, Colo., lawyer/venture capitalist Jason Mendelson tackled a weighty project: Law Firm 2.0. Over a 10-month period, Mendelson discussed frustrations with start-up lawyers, re-architecting law firms and what clients need to do to get law firms to implement change.



My Shingle

After 10 years of blogging, D.C. lawyer Carolyn Elefant is still a voice for solos in a profession that she feels—as far as costs and ethical obligations—favors too much those practicing at large firms. Elefant isn’t really one to blog on innovative law practice management solutions she reads about elsewhere; it’s usually her own ideas and opinions she shares with readers day after day.



The Client Revolution

The Client Revolution is where practitioner Jay Shepherd is waging war with the billable hour. With witty, easy-to-read anecdotes and commonsense commentary, Shepherd makes the case for alternative billing.



Legal Ease Blog

At Legal Ease Blog, lawyer/law practice consultant Allison Shields offers detailed, thoughtful and original posts aimed at preventing “lawyer meltdown.”



Adam Smith, Esq.

New York City-based lawyer and consultant Bruce MacEwen pores over large law firms' metrics and writes about BigLaw as an industry (rather than about specific law firms). He discusses the pros and cons of existing firm structures and the actual health of the market for legal services, and he laments law firms' widespread reluctance to seek advice or leadership from nonlawyers.



Solo Practice University® Blog

Build a Solo Practice @ SPU is the reinvention and expansion of Susan Cartier Liebel’s dream to bring together resources and mentors for lawyers looking to launch and grow their solo practices.




"I love the detailed analysis of common contract provisions. The analysis helps me when drafting contracts on a daily basis. I often remove and/or revise language that weakens a contract based on the blog posts. It's also witty and fun to read!" —Stephanie Gilliard, associate corporate counsel, Inovalon, Bowie, Md.



What About Clients?

Hull McGuire’s Dan Hull doesn’t pull any punches when he challenges readers to go beyond what’s currently en vogue, take a step back and be sure they’re serving the people who matter most to the firm: clients.



Larry Bodine

Larry Bodine LawMarketing Blog is a key resource for legal marketers. While Bodine blogs his rainmaking tips to practitioners, he also covers the legal marketing profession like a beat, seeking comment from BigLaw marketing officers and other experts.



Law Department Management

Law Department Management, as the name suggests, is in-house focused. The writer behind the blog is veteran legal department consultant Rees Morrison of Princeton, N.J.



Beyond the Underground

Beyond the Underground is where we go to keep tabs on St. Louis lawyer/writer Evan Schaeffer. There he lists links to his latest practice management posts from Trial Practice Tips Weblog. A favorite, however, is his “Weekly Law School Roundup” of worthy posts from future lawyers.