Frequently Asked Questions About the Blawg 100 and Voting

What’s the Blawg 100 Hall of Fame?

In 2012, we introduced our inaugural Blawg 100 Hall of Fame class. These are Blawg 100 honorees who we’ve decided will always be among our favorites and so deserve their own listing, which we hope to add to each year. Here is the list as of December 2014.

How does the ABA Journal select law blogs to include in the annual Blawg 100?

The Blawg 100 is compiled by ABA Journal staff and is largely a favorites list. We also ask for nominations from our readers through the Blawg Amici process. Most are blawgs that are regularly updated, contain original content, opinion and/or analysis. Many are also on our radar because the Journal staff finds the posts useful in terms of tipping us off to news or generating posts we consider worthy of coverage.

Can I nominate a blawg for the Blawg 100?

Sort of. This isn’t a formal contest with entries and entry fees. But in 2009, we instituted a Blawg Amici aspect to the selection process. These friend-of-the-blawg briefs should be short testimonials from fans of the particular blogs.

Also, no blawgs are considered unless they are in the ABA Journal’s Blawg Directory. To submit a blawg for directory consideration, go here.

My blawg was selected for the Blawg 100, do you have a badge or promotion tools?

Yes. Follow this link to find Blawg 100 badges in various sizes and a sample press release.

Why do I have to register to vote in the Blawg 100?

Because we experienced significant voting irregularities in the past, we opted to require voters to register beginning in 2009.

My ABA member registration information doesn’t work, why?

The ABA Journal is hosted online separately from, so ABA members will need to complete a simple registration process to participate in Blawg 100 voting and other elements.

If I’ve registered to vote in the past, do I need to register again?

Yes. We use the registration system to keep track of voters each year, and so old registrations are removed prior to the beginning of the voting period.

I’m having trouble voting, what can I do?

In a perfect registration scenario, you’ll be able to log in by choosing a user name, screen name and password; add a valid e-mail address; and hit submit. You will be registered and logged in, and you will then be forwarded back to the Blawg 100 voting page.

If you’ve registered, but have not voted–or you’re completing your voting on a different computer than the one you registered from–you may simply navigate to the login page then vote in the Blawg 100 here.

Here’s how some users have resolved problems:

• If you feel you’ve registered correctly, but repeated login attempts fail, clear your cache/cookies. Unsure how to do that? Here’s a tutorial.

• If you forgot your password, you can change it here.

I’ve tried all that and nothing works. What next?

If all else fails, contact us to let us know you’re having a problem and we’ll work to get you registered and voting as quickly as possible.