Who’s a Legal Rebel?

The revolution is in your head

Who's a Legal Rebel? In these times of great economic chaos lies great opportunity.

The legal profession struggled through a tough economy and is undergoing a structural break with the past. There is a growing consensus that the profession that emerges will be different in fundamental ways from the one that entered it.

More and more lawyers aren’t waiting around for change. Day by day, they're remaking their corners of the profession. These mavericks are finding new ways to practice law, represent their clients, adjudicate cases and train the next generation of lawyers. Most are leveraging the power of the Internet to help them work better, faster and different.

The Legal Rebels project is profiling these innovators and describing the changes they are making. It’s telling their stories in the ABA Journal, on this website and through a variety of social media channels using text, images, and video.

There are currently 91 profiles of Legal Rebels online, with the latest 10 added in 2013.

Profiles are published beginning in August and through September, with periodic updates on past Rebels appearing in the magazine and online.

Readers can participate by discussing the issues raised by the project in the ongoing New Normal column.

Join the innovators who are remaking the legal profession. The revolution is in your head.

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