11th Circuit Court

Criminal Justice

SWAT-like raids for barber’s license checks violated Constitution, 11th Circuit says

Trials & Litigation

SEC spent $8.6M collecting $3.7M from former corporate raider in $62M case


Federal judge faces blowback from 11th Circuit and US lawmakers over domestic violence arrest

Criminal Justice

Ex-lawyer and former state Democratic party chief is federally charged in claimed $1.8M client fraud

Criminal Justice

Ex-BigLaw partner gets 13 months in tax case, admits he owes $924K to US

Constitutional Law

Lawyer’s suit against cellphone-grabbing courthouse deputy is revived


Padilla gets new 21-year sentence after 11th Circuit says original 17-year term was too lenient

Criminal Justice

Federal judge takes plea in domestic battery case, will not be convicted if he completes treatment

Trials & Litigation

Prominent law firm says it knew nothing of claimed sunken treasure fraud, wasn’t counsel of record


Pacer deletes older case files for four appeals courts; compatibility issues cited

Bankruptcy Law

11th Circuit reverses bankruptcy sale, criticizes lawyer

Criminal Justice

Federal judge has cases reassigned following misdemeanor battery arrest in argument with his wife

Constitutional Law

Trial went on despite defense lawyer’s late return from lunch; 11th Circuit overturns conviction

Trials & Litigation

11th Circuit OKs $67M verdict against bank in case linked to ex-law firm chief’s $1.2B fraud


Federal judge nixes 551-pound man’s plea to end house arrest early due to his weight

White-Collar Crime

Ex-bank exec is latest to face criminal case linked to ex-lawyer’s $1.2B scheme; victims to get $50M

Administrative Law

FCC stakes out Florida driver, seeks to fine him $48K for allegedly using cellphone jammer

Death Penalty

Prison official faints during execution; sentence was upheld despite jurors’ gag gifts, drug secrecy

Criminal Justice

Owners of mom-and-pop store take plea in $24M check-cashing case; tax refunds were key

Trials & Litigation

Federal judge nixes receiver’s suit, says law firms aren’t ‘insurers of good behavior’ by clients