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Did pending Supreme Court case affect special counsel’s decision to move Trump grand jury to Florida?

A “little-noted” case pending before the U.S. Supreme Court may have changed the special counsel’s calculus on where to bring charges against former President Donald Trump, according to a blog post by Just Security.

11th Circuit vacates sanctions against Dechert partners, orders new hearing

A federal appeals court has vacated sanctions against two Dechert partners and ordered the judge who imposed the punishment to consider whether the attorneys subjectively engaged in bad-faith conduct.

Creating circuit split, 9th Circuit rules Biden had power to require vaccines for federal contractors

President Joe Biden had the authority to issue an executive order requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for employees of federal contractors, a federal appeals court has ruled.

Are owners of cars seized because of relatives’ arrests entitled to probable cause hearing? SCOTUS will decide

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday agreed to decide whether the “innocent owners” of cars seized because of the arrests of their relatives are entitled to a probable cause hearing before forfeiture proceedings begin.

Weekly Briefs: Murder cases move slowly in Chicago; Neuriva decision could limit attorney fees

Justice is slow in Chicago

Most murder cases in the county that includes Chicago take four years or longer to resolve, according to a series of investigative stories by the…

As 2 appeals judges add Stanford Law to clerk boycott, 3L says moderates are too intimidated to speak out

Two federal appeals judges are refusing to hire law clerks from Stanford Law School after students there heckled a conservative federal appeals judge during a speech last month. A 3L wrote an op-ed claiming many moderate students are afraid to engage.

ABA asks Supreme Court to review Alabama case involving fixed bail amounts

Law firms can’t be sanctioned for multiplying cases ‘vexatiously’ in federal court, 5th Circuit says

A provision of federal law that allows sanctions for multiplying legal proceedings “unreasonably and vexatiously” applies to lawyers but not their law firms, a federal appeals court has ruled.

States don’t have to ‘stand idly by and watch the carnage,’ 11th Circuit says in upholding age restriction on gun sales

Gorsuch, Thomas question ‘offended observer’ standing in rejected police prayer-vigil case

Justices Neil Gorsuch and Clarence Thomas suggested Monday that an “offended observer” does not have standing to sue for an alleged establishment clause violation, when the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a police prayer-vigil case.

Weekly Briefs: Legal jobs increase in January; 11th Circuit doesn’t rule out execution by firing squad

Legal industry adds 2,400 jobs

The legal services sector added 2,400 jobs in January, according to preliminary and seasonally adjusted figures released Friday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.…

11th Circuit upholds school’s ban on transgender students using bathrooms corresponding with gender identity

In a decision that creates a circuit split, a federal appeals court has upheld a Florida school district’s policy that bans transgender students from using bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity.

Supreme Court will decide criminal cases involving co-defendant’s statement, improper venue

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday agreed to decide two cases involving criminal defendants and their rights under the Sixth Amendment.

Judge didn’t have jurisdiction to appoint special master in Trump documents case, 11th Circuit says

U.S. District Judge Aileen M. Cannon of the Southern District of Florida didn’t have jurisdiction to consider former President Donald Trump’s request for a special master to review documents seized from his Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach, Florida, a federal appeals court has ruled.

2 federal appeals judges boycotting Yale Law clerks see progress in campus tolerance for conservative views

Two conservative federal appeals judges who previously announced plans to boycott Yale Law School clerks said they are seeing progress in tolerance for differing viewpoints at a university event Wednesday.

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