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Trials & Litigation

Meet two of Trump’s NY trial lawyers, Todd Blanche and Susan Necheles

Privacy Law

Could privacy laws be changing? Here’s what’s brewing in Congress

Law in Popular Culture

OJ Simpson criminal trial had a lasting impact on popular culture

Criminal Justice

FBI opens criminal investigation into Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore

Trials & Litigation

What can be anticipated about Trump’s hush money trial strategy in NY?

Cannabis Law

Budding cannabis law courses are growing—but not fast enough

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: Will SCOTUS consider it cruel and unusual punishment to prosecute homeless people for sleeping in public?


Which judges are most likely to issue nationwide injunctions? Party of appointing president makes a difference


O.J. Simpson, football great whose trial for murder became a phenomenon, dies at 76

Trials & Litigation

Judge allows BigLaw partner’s suit alleging lawyer filed ‘highly inflammatory’ affidavit for use in negative news article


Should ABA strike ‘nonlawyer’ from its vocabulary? Petition says it’s time

Law Professors

Law dean Chemerinsky condemns ‘blatant antisemitism’ of caricature, confronts ‘rude’ protester with law prof wife


It’s a quick goodbye for many departing associates, new NALP Foundation report finds

Public Infrastructure

Norfolk Southern reaches $600 million settlement in East Palestine lawsuit


David Boies can’t ignore clients’ liability releases by ‘simply invoking’ name ‘Epstein,’ sanctions bid says

Criminal Law

In New York, top federal prosecutor Damian Williams preaches speedy justice


‘Sense of entitlement’ led BigLaw partner to ‘brazenly’ appear at deposition and act ‘obnoxious,’ sanctions bid says

Criminal Justice

Some Jan. 6 rioters win early release, even before key Supreme Court ruling

The Modern Law Library

Users Keepers: Pirates, zombies and adverse possession

Privacy Law

Former Schnader Harrison partner sued for alleged secret videos

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