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U.S. Supreme Court

5th Circuit took ‘overly cramped view’ of precedent in retaliatory arrest suit, Supreme Court says

Education Law

Louisiana requires Ten Commandments to be displayed in public classrooms

Pro Bono

BigLaw firm was key in launching historic Stonewall project

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court upholds Trump tax provision on offshore earnings


Lawyer reinstated after Pringles can poop prank

Criminal Justice

Ex-law school IT director accused of making unauthorized purchases worth $68K

The Modern Law Library

‘The Lawyer Millionaire’ author shares the 7 biggest money mistakes lawyers can make

Constitutional Law

Florida lawyer seeking permanent retirement can’t sue in federal court, judge concludes

Legal Education

Over 100 deans commit to training lawyers to sustain constitutional democracy, rule of law

U.S. Supreme Court

Justice Thomas questions associational standing; would his view end diversity challenges?

Law Firms

These law firms are preferred destinations for summer associates, new survey says

Criminal Justice

Maryland governor pardons 175,000 marijuana convictions in sweeping order

What's on the Shelf?

Want to understand the logic behind a Supreme Court opinion? Focus on footnotes, says professor

Labor & Employment

Southern Poverty Law Center’s layoffs are ‘no coincidence,’ union says

Sixth Amendment

Judge who cut bail for man linked to later fatal arson had cited his right to counsel

Law Schools

New dean at Columbia Law brings free expression experience

Court Security

‘Am I some punching bag?’ Lawyer says he put ex-client’s girlfriend in headlock after attack

Law Firms

Has litigation ended between Littler and ex-associate? Settlement cited, but resolution unclear

10 Questions

LSAC president reflects on challenges facing legal ed as she shifts to lead Association of American Law Schools

LGBTQ Legal Issues

Court blocks enforcement of Title IX rules protecting transgender students

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