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Verdicts & Settlements

NRA general counsel violated statutory duties but caused no monetary harm, jurors find; LaPierre liable for $5.4M

Legal Education

As ABA gathers more information on JD-Next, law schools still have to obtain variances to use test

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court offers possible road map for schools to diversify top programs

U.S. Supreme Court

Justice Thomas hires clerk accused of sending racist text; was she set up by rogue employee?


New website will let law clerks judge their judges

Mind Your Business

Do you know who your legal recruiter is?

Education Law

Harvard, Columbia face spike in legal fees after antisemitism claims

Criminal Justice

Former Texas lawyer accused of bilking clients for at least $20M is sentenced for ‘Ponzi-type scheme’

Practice Management

What’s the current state of remote and hybrid work in law firms?

Family Law

Leaving kids home alone wasn’t endangerment, state supreme court says; ‘no parent can shield a child from all risks’

Supreme Court Report

Supreme Court’s internet inexpertise will be put to the test in social media content cases


MyPillow founder must pay man $5M in ‘Prove Mike Wrong’ challenge, judge says


Contracts imposing $50K in liquidated damages for lawyer departures lead to suspension recommendation

Environmental Law

Supreme Court seems poised to halt EPA plan to cut cross-state pollution


Lawyer’s ‘intimidating and degrading conduct’ was ‘a business model of sorts, based on fear,’ state supreme court says

Access to Justice

Above the Line Network launches for lawyers who work with middle-class clients

U.S. Supreme Court

Defendant acquitted by reason of insanity can’t be retried, despite inconsistency, SCOTUS rules in Jackson opinion

Disability Law

Coca-Cola delivery man who used slurs as result of Tourette syndrome loses disability suit after job transfer

Animal Law

Steven M. Wise, legal force for animal rights, dies at 73

Education Law

Biden administration releases proposed guidelines for student loan hardship

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