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Afternoon Briefs: EPA relaxes pollution rules during COVID-19 crisis; Title IX doesn’t protect trans athletes, DOJ says


Judge accused of ordering handcuffing, jailing of litigants should be removed, commission says

Bar Exam

Decision about releasing July bar exam materials will come in May, NCBE says

Trials & Litigation

Judge suggests lawyer who opposed extension may want to brush up on karma concepts

Public Health

Lawyer’s ‘glib’ coronavirus tweet spurs outrage and death threats

Practice Management

Billable hour expectations remain the same, though work volume is ‘trending lower,’ survey says

Family Law

The novel coronavirus is leaving foster children with nowhere to go

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: GCs are overloaded with coronavirus webinars; former judge dies at 88

Internet Law

Federal judge trims law firm’s suit that claims a rival firm hijacked website traffic


Judge is censured for ‘crass’ and ‘sexist’ remarks, comment with ‘racial overtones’

Constitutional Law

Can jails return inmate cash in the form of fee-laden debit cards? 9th Circuit allows suit


COVID-19 stimulus bill includes more than $1B for criminal justice needs

Law in Popular Culture

Is ‘Live PD’ better or worse for officers and the criminal accused?

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: ABA backs stay-home exemption for legal services; PG&E to plead guilty in fire deaths

The Modern Law Library

What should you read about COVID-19? We asked an epidemiologist


Judge censured for discourteous behavior during hearing on racy pictures

Public Health

Judge slams emergency motion to halt knockoff unicorn art amid coronavirus pandemic

Public Health

Suffolk County DA among 25 court-connected people in New York diagnosed with COVID-19

Bar Exam

BarBri bar exam prep options will soon include streamed, real-time lectures

Public Health

Amid novel coronavirus fears, juvenile lockups are cutting visits

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