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Trials & Litigation

3M faces trial over ‘forever chemicals’ in firefighting foam in ‘bet-the-company’ litigation

Law Firms

Another law firm defers start date for some associates

Trials & Litigation

11th Circuit vacates sanctions against Dechert partners, orders new hearing


Judge who once prosecuted murder defendant fails to get colleague kicked off the case

Bankruptcy Law

Appeals court decision allowing release of Sackler family from opioid liability deepens circuit split

U.S. Supreme Court

Jackson is lone dissenter as Supreme Court allows company to sue union in state court


Judge’s ‘Beowulf’ and Whistler’s mother references raise concerns with Maryland justices

Legal Education

‘Significant noncompliance’ in admissions standard for Pontifical Catholic found by ABA Legal Ed council

Mind Your Business

Consider teaching law in business school as an alternative career

Criminal Justice

Genetic genealogy leads to arrest of lawyer in series of rapes

Consumer Law

Food labeling lawyer’s ‘warehouse of complaints’ are ‘not fit for public consumption,’ judge says

Legal Education

Slate for next term announced by ABA Legal Ed council

Legal Education

New GRE will take about half as much time, Educational Testing Service announces

Fourteenth Amendment

If SCOTUS rules against racial preferences, this 4th Circuit decision presents next issue

Legal History

Brown v. Board of Education should be renamed, group plans to tell Supreme Court


May judge attend law firm celebration with free food and drinks? Not in this state, draft opinion says

Law Schools

Rights Work: UChicago constitutional law course brings together incarcerated youths, law students

Family Law

Colorado bill limits ‘reunification treatment’ in child custody cases, requires training and expertise

Career & Practice

Former Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain reflects on life in law and politics

Law Firms

This BigLaw firm’s ‘modified hybrid work model’ will require 4 days per week in office

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