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News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: Latham will pay fall bonuses; Reagan shooter may display artwork, judge rules

Election Law

Lawyer volunteers devote increasing hours to election protection efforts

Law Firms

Firm sues for rent abatement; landlord decries law firms trying to ‘weasel out’ of commitments

Trials & Litigation

Former Goldman Sachs lawyer says she was fired after trying to speak up about sexual misconduct

Bar Exam

New study suggests cutting bar exam multiple choice questions or making them open book

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: SCOTUS considers whether religious freedom also means freedom to discriminate

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court doesn’t interfere with ballot deadline extensions in 2 states; Barrett doesn’t participate

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: Lawyer says he was stopped for jogging while Black; public defender held in contempt

Court Security

ABA urges Congress to prioritize judicial security amid recent attacks on judge and court officer

Election Law

At least 18 former ABA presidents sign call to safeguard election process

Law Firms

LeClairRyan gave joint venture ‘unprecedented control’ and priority payments, bankruptcy trustee says


Fragomen reveals data breach affecting some employees of its client Google


Many BigLaw firms are quietly laying off staff members, recruiters say

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: Trump faces suit over rape denial; Biden opposes SCOTUS term limits

Practice Technology

How to make better decisions with litigation analytics software


Judge acknowledges his disparaging reference to governor was ‘idiotic’

Law Firms

Former Davis Polk associate may pursue retaliation claim, judge says; other racial bias claims tossed

Law Students

Law student debt averages about $165K at graduation, creating stress and restricting choices, survey says

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS refuses to reinstate extended deadline for absentee ballots in Wisconsin

U.S. Supreme Court

Senate confirms Judge Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court

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