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Law in Popular Culture

Does A&E’s ‘Court Cam’ accurately reflect American courtrooms?

Trials & Litigation

Suits multiply over Texas power outages; is power grid operator protected by sovereign immunity?

Labor & Employment

2nd Circuit won’t consider reinstating suit alleging refusal to hire felons amounts to hiring bias

Criminal Justice

Suspended lawyer admits stealing from ex-wife, former mother-in-law by opening credit cards in their names

Practice Management

How lawyers can reengineer our profession from the bottom up

Law Firms

Solo practitioners saw steeper revenue declines amid COVID-19, new report finds

Tort Law

Grandparents can recover emotional distress damages under ‘zone of danger’ rule, top state court rules

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: Election lawyer referred for court discipline; public defender waiting list declared unconstitutional

Criminal Justice

Illinois will end cash bail, require police body cameras in criminal justice overhaul signed by governor

Criminal Justice

Lawyer who fled US pleads guilty after he’s accused of repeatedly billing state for over 24 hours per day

U.S. Supreme Court

Barrett, Kavanaugh didn’t join conservative dissenters who called for SCOTUS to hear election challenge

Bar Exam

Texas offers makeup bar exam because of deep freeze

U.S. Supreme Court

Prisoner who filed pro se appeal of his enhanced sentence wins Supreme Court review

Criminal Justice

Nation’s oldest, longest-serving juvenile lifer is released from prison at age 83

ABA Midyear Meeting

ABA House of Delegates calls for changes in country’s immigration system

ABA Midyear Meeting

Women shouldn’t face criminal prosecution after abortion or miscarriage, ABA House says

ABA Midyear Meeting

Restrictions on firearms in government buildings and polling places should be considered, says ABA House

ABA Midyear Meeting

ABA’s Practice Forward group puts focus on members’ needs, well-being

ABA Midyear Meeting

Federal student loan repayment plan rules should be eased, says ABA House

ABA Midyear Meeting

Trained dogs should be allowed to comfort witnesses during court proceedings, ABA House says

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