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Law Schools

Law school applicants are down, for now, for the first time since 2018

Tort Law

Driver injured in collision with fortified mailbox can’t sue owners, top Ohio court says

Law Firms

Jurors rule against associate who sued King & Spalding for alleged ethical retaliation

Law in Popular Culture

‘The Practice’ vs. ‘Boston Legal’: How the original stacks up to the spinoff, part 2

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: Ruling in abortion cases will greatly affect women’s lives but won’t end controversy

Legal Education

New program guarantees diverse students admission to law school

Legal Education

Ohio law school back in compliance with program standard, ABA legal ed section’s council finds


4th Circuit judge rescinds plan to take senior status

Asked and Answered

3 decades ago, legal headhunting required more time for fewer placements

Criminal Justice

Self-defense argument fails as three men are convicted of murder in death of Ahmaud Arbery

Law in Popular Culture

2021 Gifts for Lawyers guide: Shop early and safely this Black Friday and Cyber Monday (gallery)

Consumer Law

Marriott agrees to post resort fees in upfront pricing in settlement with state AG

Criminal Justice

Judge exonerates Missouri prisoner after 43 years in prison; this law made it possible

Tort Law

3 pharmacy chains found liable in opioid epidemic in Ohio case

Lawyer Pay

Prosecutor pay isn’t keeping up with inflation, even as some case backlogs grow, study author says

The Modern Law Library

America’s fights over medical treatment choices didn’t start with COVID-19 and ivermectin

Verdicts & Settlements

White supremacists found liable for civil conspiracy to commit violence at ‘Unite the Right’ rally

Trials & Litigation

Wastewater official faces felony charges for using city funds to pay employee’s law school tuition

Law Schools

Some law schools outside T14 still send many grads to the nation’s top-grossing firms

Lawyer Wellness

30% of these lawyers would like to work fewer hours; those most dissatisfied are younger and female

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