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Constitutional Law

Full 6th Circuit upholds ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ law punishing docs who perform Down syndrome abortions

Appellate Practice

In rare move, full 6th Circuit will hear initial arguments in abortion case; dissent blasts ‘procedural hopscotch’

Law Firms

Leaders of 62 BigLaw firms denounce voting restrictions; coalition is formed to challenge legislation


Alabama judge is suspended from bench after she is accused of evident anti-death-penalty predilection

Mind Your Business

How to make a professional transition during the COVID-19 pandemic

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: Supreme Court rules for religion; Ramsey Clark dies at 93

Law Firms

This firm takes top spot for its COVID-19 response, Yale Law Women says; which others took top honors?


Federal judge killed in hit-and-run incident; police say driver was disoriented, aggressive


State supreme court justice confirms he has been working from outside the country for 3 months

Pro Bono

ABA president, other leaders will volunteer for Free Legal Answers

Law Firms

Holland & Knight in merger talks to create 1,600-lawyer firm; does it portend ‘next wave’ of mergers?

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: Slower-paying law students wait-listed; ‘tiger mom’ law prof back in the news

U.S. Supreme Court

Law profs abound on Biden’s new commission to study changing the Supreme Court

Pro Bono

Former death row inmate thanks God and his lawyers for his release after 30-plus years in prison


Minnesota’s unique ‘spark of life’ doctrine allows evidence about George Floyd’s life during former officer’s trial


Lawyer agrees to disciplinary probation for failing to supervise alleged embezzling employee

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: Judge’s husband heads to prison; Stephen Miller’s new legal group to sue over Biden policies

Trials & Litigation

Judge rules for Trademark Express owner in suit alleging unauthorized practice

Family Law

In 325-page opinion, en banc 5th Circuit splits on preference for tribes in Native American adoptions

Disability Law

11th Circuit decision ‘effectively closes the internet’s doors to the blind,’ plaintiff’s lawyers say

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