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House reverses course on renaming federal courthouse to honor Black judge

The Modern Law Library

Work for Canadian residential school survivors informs lawyer’s debut novel

Lawyer Pay

BigLaw partner’s hourly billing rate of nearly $2,500 draws objection from bankruptcy trustee

Litigation Management

Exhibit A: Top trial presentation tools

Trademark Law

US law allowing hemp products legalized potlike intoxicant delta-8 THC, 9th Circuit says


Diversity on state supreme courts shows little improvement, report finds

Internet Law

Florida law banning social media censorship is likely unconstitutional, 11th Circuit says

Criminal Justice

County judge in Texas is arrested for alleged cattle theft

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court decision is an impediment for defendants who ‘lost the lawyer lottery twice’

Immigration Law

Federal judge orders US to keep in place Title 42 immigrant ousters tied to pandemic


‘We are done,’ federal judge says, declares mistrial after questioning defense claim


What happened to convicted cop’s missing wife? Suspended lawyer can’t tell, judge rules

Criminal Justice

Is prison time a possibility under restrictive abortion laws? One state authorizes life sentences for medical doctors

Legal Education

ABA Legal Ed council seeks comment on proposed revision to law school admissions test requirement

U.S. Supreme Court

Justice Thomas’ wife urged Arizona lawmakers to choose ‘clean slate of electors’ after Trump’s loss

News Roundup

Weekly Briefs: McDonald’s, Wendy’s sued over burger ads; ICE is ‘a domestic surveillance agency,’ report says

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court justices get around-the-clock security after leak of draft abortion opinion; 25 state AGs call for action


Federal court will investigate leak of survey describing alleged bias and bullying by judges

Criminal Justice

Was there a go-between in the murder of law prof Dan Markel? Defense offers alternative theory

First Amendment

Federal judge strikes down sign law requiring transgender bathroom warnings

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