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Criminal Justice

Lawyer known as ‘DWI Dude’ gets prison time for swindling Colombian drug traffickers

Internet Law

Maker of Snapchat can be sued for speed filter used by youths before fatal crash, 9th Circuit rules

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: Derek Chauvin cites possible jury misconduct; judge tosses claim by ex-summer associate

Real Estate & Property Law

Federal judge strikes down nationwide eviction moratorium for exceeding statutory authority

Report from Governmental Affairs

Success of ABA Day 2021 is a blueprint for year-round advocacy

Law Firms

Law firm can sue competitor for allegedly using case runners to poach clients, appeals court says

Trials & Litigation

Insurance adjuster didn’t turn off his audio before calling judge an ‘idiot’

Attorney General

Federal judge orders DOJ to release memo that said Trump shouldn’t be prosecuted for obstruction


Parking lot tiff between judge and politician’s son leads to ethics investigation

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: Former music executive sues Trump lawyer; attorney charged with sex trafficking minors

Legal Education

Law student who quoted from opinion, including its racial slur, finds herself at center of controversy

Legal Education

California bar entered $3.8M contract with ExamSoft without justifying value, auditor report says


Judge gets public warning over eating for free at law firm’s luncheon before awarding it $2M in legal fees


After ransomware attack on state attorney general’s office, hackers begin posting documents

Trials & Litigation

Judge says court documents resemble Jerry Springer script, orders lawyers to rewrite ‘inflammatory’ filings

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: Judge denies QAnon connection; investors sue over ‘Voltswagen’ prank press release

Women in the Law

Why do female lawyers leave law firms? ‘Blatantly unfair’ compensation often cited, new ABA report says

Verdicts & Settlements

3 BigLaw firms will give back $1M in Purdue Pharma legal fees in settlement with trustee

U.S. Supreme Court

Justice Thomas argues for repeal of doctrine protecting military from tort suits incident to service

Trials & Litigation

Ex-lawyer imprisoned for $550M disability fraud can’t pursue suits against former clients, judge rules

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