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Law prof Eastman’s false statements about election helped provoke Capitol rioters, ethics charges say

Law Firms

Husch Blackwell told to pay $62M for engineering firm’s loss in airport bidding process

Report from Governmental Affairs

Welcome to the 118th Congress

Practice Management

As more law firms adopt 3-day-per-week schedule, one ties attendance to cash

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

Traffic court defendants lose their ‘robot lawyer’

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

Can a chatbot earn a JD? This one averaged C-plus on law school exams


Using N-word at home is not lawyer ethics violation, hearing committee says

Criminal Justice

Cellphone video places Murdaugh at murder scene, says prosecutor in once-prominent lawyer’s trial

Law Firms

Legal services company Axiom opens ‘reimagined law firm’ to directly serve clients, thanks to Arizona approval

Law Firms

‘Routine performance management’ can’t be basis for fired associate’s bias suit, BigLaw firm argues

Constitutional Law

Is debt limit unconstitutional? Answer is yes, some argue, based on the 14th Amendment’s public debt clause

Law Firms

Former Proskauer COO is enjoined from using trade secrets allegedly stolen from firm

Law Firms

Atlanta-based Smith Gambrell’s merger will produce nearly 400-lawyer firm

Antitrust Law

Google has monopoly in digital advertising technology, DOJ antitrust suit claims; are consumers harmed?

The Modern Law Library

From Amanda Knox to Kyle Rittenhouse, lawyer discusses justice and due process in the digital age

Mind Your Business

Anti-discrimination laws are faltering in the face of artificial intelligence; here’s what to do about it


Law is the most stressful profession, newspaper’s analysis finds

U.S. Supreme Court

New tips surface after Kavanaugh documentary is unveiled at Sundance

Practice Technology

Lawyers seek flexibility when choosing technology, industry report shows

U.S. Supreme Court

$2.1M IRS civil penalty for unreported Swiss bank account merits SCOTUS review, Gorsuch argues

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