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Legal Rebels Podcast

Why this BigLaw firm is embracing an ‘augmented automation solution’ for clients

Criminal Justice

Inmate moons judge during video hearing after he was ordered held without bail


7th Circuit warns of ‘catastrophe for litigants’ when judges wait too long to issue opinions after orders


Texas clerk’s ‘idiosyncratic system’ of choosing jury panels could lead to thousands of overturned verdicts

Constitutional Law

Does executive privilege still protect Trump after his term ends? Fight brews over congressional subpoenas

Trials & Litigation

Missing apostrophe in Facebook post leads to defamation suit

Labor & Employment Law

Following a 12% pay cut, UMass law professor challenges collective bargaining law for university staff


Lawyer accused of feeding answers to his client in Zoom deposition faces possible sanction

Mind Your Business

Top 5 most important judicial analytics metrics


Transgender lawyer sues for declaration that bias based on gender identity violates attorney ethics rules

Trials & Litigation

Lawyer sues Amazon for false imprisonment after delivery van blocks his car

Constitutional Law

After appeals court revives Texas abortion law, docs could be liable for abortions performed in prior 2 days

Lawyer Wellness

20% of surveyed corporate lawyers were highly exhausted, and most in that group wanted to switch jobs

Trials & Litigation

CEO of Alliance Defending Freedom had circulated proposed suit seeking to overturn election

News Roundup

Weekly Briefs: BigLaw firm promotes 151 to partner; legal industry adds 4,300 jobs; big gifts to law schools


DA can’t be sued for alleged conspiracy to protect rapist, 5th Circuit says; did Kozinski brief change a vote?

Attorney General

Justice Department lawyers threatened mass resignations if Trump appointed loyalist to pursue election claims

Religious Law

6th Circuit rules for student athletes denied religious exemption from vaccine mandate

Law Schools

Montana law school dean resigns after complaints about the oversight of Title IX allegations


New Orleans DA agrees to oversight to settle suit over fake subpoenas and witness intimidation

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