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Practice Management

Automating your firm’s documents is a snap with document assembly software


Paralegal’s discrimination suit alleges Jones Day partner threatened her with toy gun

Asked and Answered

Public defender with Patreon for FOIA lawsuits shares her thoughts on lawyers and social media

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: Gunman had file on SCOTUS justice, judge says; state AG charged in fatal crash

ABA Midyear Meeting

Spirit of Excellence honorees strive for diversity and inclusion

Death Penalty

Witness accounts of federal executions are at odds with government reports on tranquil deaths


‘I destroyed my life’: Former Willkie co-chair suspended for paying $75K to boost daughter’s ACT score


Former administrative law judge is censured for punching a lawyer outside a party

U.S. Supreme Court

House panel considers reforms to deal with Supreme Court’s shadow docket

Practice Management

A conversation about food insecurity, pursuing charitable endeavors in the legal industry

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: 11 ex-capital inmates added to innocence list; lawyer finds historic photo in attic

Rule of Law

Interested in speaking to students and community groups during National Judicial Outreach Week?

Consumer Law

Federal judge’s opinion in Stella Artois too-light beer case is plastered with alcohol references


As some jury trials resume, juror shortages create problems; one court sees a 5% yield on summonses

Law Students

Harvard Law student frustrated by quest for interview suit creates her own clothing company

U.S. Supreme Court

Still no action from SCOTUS on Trump’s emergency request for subpoena relief in tax records case

Criminal Justice

District attorney is accused of dropped-charges bribery, lying about fantasy statements

Advancing Racial Equality & Social Justice

Police reform and homeland security: Some policy recommendations to close the racial justice gap

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: California defends bar exam facial-recognition tech; pants-on-fire lawyer arrested

Practice Management

Legal recruiter’s article about lawyers shunned in BigLaw raises eyebrows

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