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Immigration Law

Guatemalan lawyer travels to remote areas, sometimes by foot, to help reunite separated families


Judge faces ethics charges for Facebook post defending cop who said accused spa shooter had ‘a really bad day’


Biden’s initial US attorney picks include historic firsts


Public defenders say modified ShotSpotter coordinates were used to implicate client; is it a widespread problem?

Legal Theory

‘Common good originalism’ is neither originalist nor a good way to judge, essay says

Law in Popular Culture

ABC’s ‘Emergency Call’ offers a look at dispatchers in the line of duty

Criminal Justice

Supreme Court tribal decision ‘has upended Oklahoma’s criminal justice system;’ will ruling be curtailed?


Copyright lawyer with ‘ignominious record’ must pay over $100K in sanctions, 2nd Circuit says

Trials & Litigation

‘It’s time to pay the piper’: Ex-lawyer found guilty of criminal contempt in long-running Chevron battle


Top Texas court rejects case, then agrees to hear it after appellant donates $250K to reelection PAC

Public Health

Reversing course, 11th Circuit halts CDC cruise ship safety rules after Florida seeks SCOTUS review

Landlords & Tenants

CDC had no authority to impose nationwide eviction moratorium, 6th Circuit rules

Asked and Answered

For this lawyer, becoming more flexible was a benefit of the pandemic

U.S. Supreme Court

Justice Thomas gains power of chief justice as Roberts sides with liberal justices

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: 7 federal death penalty requests withdrawn; ex-lawyer sentenced for advice on supplements

Criminal Justice

Former LeClairRyan general counsel pleads guilty to obstructing probe of financial misconduct

Fifth Amendment

Judge permits prosecutors to use facial recognition to open accused Capitol rioter’s laptop

Practice Management

Software company CEO discusses challenges, benefits and evolution of sourcing outside counsel

Practice Management

Software to power your personal injury law firm

U.S. Supreme Court

Mississippi asks Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade in pending challenge to abortion law

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