Administrative Law

U.S. Supreme Court

Federal rule promoting reduced energy use is upheld by SCOTUS; environmentalists applaud decision

Real Estate & Property Law

US focuses on money laundering in real estate with new reporting requirements

Executive Branch

Obama executive action will define who qualifies as a gun dealer required to do background checks

Securities Law

SEC isn’t required to make companies reveal political contributions

Internet Law

Uber-type flight app shuts down after DC Circuit decision

Constitutional Law

Removal of Confederate monuments violates free-speech right to preserve history, suit says

Family Law

Mom did not neglect sons by letting them play outside, state agrees after legal battle

Disability Law

Posner advises disability office to clean up its act, says expert testimony was ‘worthless’

Family Law

Mom who left 6-year-old daughter alone in car for 10 minutes fights neglect finding

Law Firms

BigLaw firm doesn’t have to turn over notes in GM ignition switch cases, judge rules

U.S. Supreme Court

US asks SCOTUS to allow Obama’s deferred deportation program

Animal Law

Lawsuit seeks to save chimp from solitary confinement

Immigration Law

5th Circuit upholds injunction blocking Obama’s executive action on immigration

Verdicts & Settlements

DOJ to pay $200K to immigration judge over recusal pressure because of her Iranian heritage

Administrative Law

$75K fine for fatal train trestle accident during movie filming is upheld on review

Corporate Law

Divided SEC OKs crowdfunding rules for contributions to companies

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court considers whether regulations encouraging energy savings intruded on state power

Consumer Law

Consumer financial agency considers rules barring companies from blocking class actions

Executive Branch

Hillary Clinton’s gun control plan includes both legislation and executive actions

Trials & Litigation

Ex-judge is awarded $7M by St. Louis jury in disability suit