Legal Rebels Profile

Vivek Maru: Drawing the arc to global justice

Animal Law

If US were to prosecute over Cecil the lion’s slaying in Africa, what would legal basis be?

Special ABA London Sessions Report

Political powers blunt good law, human rights lawyer says

International Law

US seeks to question Minnesota dentist in shooting of Cecil the lion

International Law

ABA commends court’s decision to release human rights lawyer and editor

ABA London Sessions

Human rights lawyer: Magna Carta’s inspiration has been subverted by powers that be

International Law

Egyptian lawyer gets 25 years in fatal US Embassy bombings after ‘enormously generous’ plea bargain

Health Law

Girl barred from school over Ebola fears is back in class, and lawsuit is settled

Business of Law

Sparks fly over mistranslated Orrick press release about new Ivory Coast office

Criminal Justice

Prosecutors will appeal Oscar Pistorius verdict and sentence

Criminal Justice

Inmates at 2 jails falsely cried Ebola, officials say; one defendant now faces a new charge

Health Law

Homeland Security says all travelers to US from Ebola-stricken countries must be screened

Sentencing/Post Conviction

Pistorius gets five-year sentence; can he serve part of the time at home?

Health Law

Harvard University restricts travel to Ebola-stricken countries

Opening Statements

Real Property: Alabama attorney spends a year in Uganda helping to fight land grabs

Legal Rebels Profile

Gerald Abila’s Barefoot Law helps Ugandans use smartphones to learn about their legal rights

Criminal Justice

Oscar Pistorius is found guilty of culpable homicide

Criminal Justice

Oscar Pistorius acted ‘unlawfully,’ but he isn’t guilty of premeditated murder, judge says


Meet the judge considering the fate of Oscar Pistorius

Annual Meeting

Illegal trafficking of animals is becoming a growing issue in global trade