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Guilty verdict in terrorism trial for hotelier of ‘Hotel Rwanda’ fame is unfair, ABA center says

“This was a show trial rather than a fair judicial inquiry,” Geoffrey Robertson of the the Clooney Foundation for Justice’s TrialWatch said in a press release. Robinson wrote a report on the trial with the ABA Center for Human Rights staff in June.

Brice Ngameni helps support prospective law students of African descent

“We think that one of the biggest challenges that people from our background face when applying to law school is access and information, and these are things that can be addressed,” says Brice Ngameni, president and co-founder of Pembe, a mentoring group for people of African descent. “If you just have the right people matched up with the right folks, you can easily make up for that disparity.”

ABA’s rule of law work in Tunisia and Libya ‘more complex, challenging, difficult and rewarding than I ever expected’

As William Hammink has seen as country director of the ABA ROLI offices in Tunisia and Libya, ROLI is more than a team of experts of lawyers and judges. It’s also a dedicated team working together to implement key rule of law and human rights programs.

Clooney Foundation and ABA group raise concerns about human rights violations in mass trial

A mass trial in Equatorial Guinea that produced 112 convictions was marred by “egregious procedural irregularities,” according to a preliminary report by a former United Nations official.

The report was…

Congolese warlord convicted of war crimes with the help of ABA ROLI

Last month, after years of efforts, the warlord Marcel Habarugira Rangira, lieutenant colonel of the Congolese armed forces, was convicted of war crimes before a military tribunal in Goma, eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Mireille Kahatwa Amani was one of the chief attorneys from the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative who worked to convict him.

Can a general conquer the federal prison system?

The federal Bureau of Prisons faces a sea of troubles: Escalating medical costs, a prison population with little access to job training programs or computers, an institutional culture averse to…

American attorneys partner to save endangered African wildlife

Working with a public interest law firm in Namibia and the ABA Section of State and Local Government Law, American attorneys set out to improve the country’s wildlife laws—and strengthen their enforcement—with the aim of saving more Namibian animals.

Activists team up with ABA to provide law school scholarships for women in Congo

Amanda Jones is a well-traveled writer and photographer who doesn’t shock easily. But a trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2013 left a deep impression on her when…

Dentons launches new shared services hub in Poland, will lay off about 25 in UK

Dentons will eliminate approximately 25 jobs in the United Kingdom in preparation for the opening of its new shared-services hub in Warsaw, Poland. The hub, which officially launched on Monday,…

Four Kenyan police officers are charged with murder of human rights lawyer

Four Kenyan police officers have been charged with the murder of a human rights lawyer and two others in an incident that spurred a call for an investigation by the…

ABA urges Kenya to investigate deaths of lawyer, two others said to have been abducted by police

ABA President Paulette Brown is urging Kenya to conduct a “full, thorough and impartial” investigation into the deaths of a human-rights lawyer, his client and their taxi driver. The bodies…

Judge denies mistrial after juror faints during autopsy testimony

An Iowa murder trial over the slaying last year of a homeless man who was choked to death in a church parking lot was interrupted Thursday morning when a juror…

South Africa’s top court ends Pistorius murder appeal; sentencing now looms

The top court in South Africa has denied Oscar Pistorius leave to appeal his murder conviction in the 2013 shooting death of his girlfriend, law graduate and model Reeva Steenkamp.

Oscar Pistorius was guilty of murder, rather than manslaughter, appeals court finds

A South African appeals court has overturned Oscar Pistorius’ manslaughter conviction and found that he is instead guilty of murder.

The track star faces a minimum sentence of 15 years…

Corporate BigLaw partner held hostage at luxury hotel in Mali is safe

A corporate partner at a Canadian BigLaw firm is safe after being held hostage at a luxury hotel in Bamako, the capital of Mali, on Friday.

Pierre Boivin of McCarthy…

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