Business of Law

Outsourcing company opens Austin office, part of onshoring trend


Ann Rule, leading true-crime author who befriended then-unknown serial killer Ted Bundy, dies at 83

Bar Exam

California bar exam to last two-thirds as long, but could be just as difficult

Women in the Law

50 best law firms for women are named


Former lawyer who served time in hit-and-run case now runs resource center for ex-prisoners

Asked and Answered

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Labor & Employment

Document review arguably ‘devoid of legal judgment,’ 2nd Circuit says, allowing wage suit to proceed


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Disability Law

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Legal Education

Educators and young lawyer take opposing sides at hearing over academic credit for paid externships


We want to be the best, so we don’t hire Ivy League law grads, says small-firm chief

Internet Law

Lawyer is entitled to only $100 for ex-client’s post on Ripoff Report, appeals court says

Trials & Litigation

Lawmaker’s son hired despite ‘acting like a clown’ at firm party, witness testifies at trial

Work-Life Balance

Pet policy feud aired in officewide emails between US Attorney employees

The New Normal

How law firms are innovating when it comes to hiring