Trials & Litigation

Daughter of slain Aspen socialite sues spouse of convicted murderer

Banking Law

Judge dismisses lawsuit seeking federal approval for credit union serving marijuana businesses

Trials & Litigation

Colorado man’s rape conviction vacated after 29 years in prison

Constitutional Law

Judge tosses felony case against pair who handed out jury nullification leaflets near courthouse

Criminal Justice

Planned Parenthood shooting suspect makes his first court appearance via video

Consumer Law

Top state court says litigation funding is subject to consumer lending law

Government Law

Colorado governor asks court to bar state AG from suing feds without his permission

White-Collar Crime

Lawyer charged in marijuana operation case says state and federal laws ban prosecution

Constitutional Law

Intersex navy veteran sues over US passport denial

Products Liability

Woman survives accident after 6 days trapped in car, gets recall notice and sues GM

Product Liability

Pot grower violated implied warranty of merchantability by using unapproved pesticide, suit alleges

Criminal Justice

Man convicted of robbing, raping and murdering lawyer in her office gets life term

Civil Rights

DA should have charged deputy in court assault on inmate, judge says, but it’s too late to do so now

Constitutional Law

Judge to DA: Explain why deputy wasn’t prosecuted over courtroom use of force on chained inmate

Criminal Justice

Shooter James Holmes gets 12 life terms plus 3,318 years in Batman movie massacre

Criminal Justice

Ex-con is found guilty of murder of Colorado lawyer; he sought an attorney victim, DA says

Constitutional Law

Advocacy group sues Denver over courthouse leafleting arrests

Religious Law

First Amendment doesn’t protect baker who refused wedding cake to gay couple, appeals court says

Death Penalty

Holdout juror blocks death penalty for James Holmes

Criminal Justice

Jury in case over Batman movie-theater slayings quickly decides not to rule out death penalty