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Several reform prosecutors win election throughout US
Reform prosecutors won election last week in several jurisdictions throughout the United States.
Afternoon Briefs: California voters keep cash bail system; Colorado voters back popular vote movement

California voters reject bid to end cash bail

Voters in California rejected a ballot measure to end cash bail in the state, but that might not be the end of…

Afternoon Briefs: Judge requires report disclaimer; $2.1B baby powder verdict allowed to stand

Judge requires disclaimer in cop commission report

U.S. District Judge John Bates of the District of Columbia has said President Donald Trump’s national commission on policing can’t release a report…

Afternoon Briefs: Lawyer says he was stopped for jogging while Black; public defender held in contempt

Lawyer says he was racially profiled while jogging

A Black lawyer says he was racially profiled during a late-night jog in his new gated community in Parkland, Florida. Lawyer Josiah…

As ex-judge awaits sentencing, some question whether their cases were tainted
Ryan Kamada, a former Colorado judge, has been disbarred from law practice and convicted of obstructing a federal investigation, leading some to question whether their cases were affected by the judge’s behavior.
Lawyer censured for sexual innuendos in conversations with judge and judicial assistant
A Colorado lawyer has been publicly censured for sexual innuendos in speaking with a magistrate judge and judicial assistant.
Does age and gender affect judges’ sentences? New study suggests nuanced answer
Researchers who studied nearly 3,000 sentences imposed over a 16-year period in Colorado found that judges' age and gender correlated with differences in sentence length—but only for serious crimes.
Test-takers express safety concerns, fears from in-person bar exam—including lack of masks, unclean bathrooms

Following an in-person July bar exam, some test-takers claim that public health measures were not handled properly during the administration of the test amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, one bar candidate found out that she tested positive for the novel coronavirus shortly after the exam ended.

Fennemore Craig announces merger; it’s not the time to ‘curl up in a ball,’ CEO says

Fennemore Craig will merge with California law firm Dowling Aaron, creating a law firm with 180 lawyers. Fennemore Craig CEO James Goodnow said the merger will make the combined firm “a dominant player in agriculture business and water law” in the U.S.

Excessive force case tests fleeing felon defense for cops
An excessive force lawsuit filed against police officers in Rifle, Colorado, tests the contours of the so-called fleeing felon defense.
Lawyer-juror’s outside research entitles man to new trial hearing, appeals court says
Outside research by a lawyer-juror entitles a convicted Colorado defendant to a hearing on his new trial bid, a state appeals court has ruled.
States can penalize wayward presidential electors, Supreme Court rules
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday that states can enforce an elector's pledge to support the winner of the state popular vote in presidential elections.
Lawyer is accused of shooting driver said to be ‘inching forward’ into protesters
A Colorado lawyer is facing charges after he was accused of shooting a driver during a protest early Thursday evening.
Afternoon Briefs: Judge’s TRO restricts tear gas, projectiles; 2 lawyers return to jail

Federal judge bars chemical weapons, projectiles in peaceful protests

U.S. District Judge R. Brooke Jackson issued a temporary restraining order Friday banning the Denver Police Department from using chemical weapons…

Man convicted by jury that included judge’s wife isn’t entitled to new trial, top state court says

The Colorado Supreme Court has affirmed the conviction of a man tried by a jury that included the judge’s wife. The court said the defense lawyer for the man didn’t object to the wife sitting as a juror, which waived any challenge on appeal.

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