Trials & Litigation

Early plaintiff in Uber case challenges $100M settlement, says he feels ‘utterly betrayed’ by lawyer

Consumer Law

Coffeemaker win lacks perk for lawyer who asked for $180K in fees but got $6,800

Consumer Law

State AG sues companies that bought structured settlements from lead-paint victims

Trials & Litigation

Law firm suit seeks pay disgorgement and punitives, alleges ex-partners conspired to form new firm

Consumer Law

CFPB seeks to ban mandatory arbitration of consumer disputes over banking, credit cards and loans

Energy Law

Colorado Supreme Court overturns fracking bans enacted by cities

Real Estate & Property Law

Predatory land contracts take advantage of low-income homebuyers, NY Times says

Internet Law

Judge says Amazon must refund parents for in-app purchases made by children

Consumer Law

Lawyer now says he won’t pursue $252.25 demand for missing soup at lunch

Law in Popular Culture

Law prof ponders: If a highly advanced robot kills, is it murder or product liability?


Alleged sex abuse victim of Dennis Hastert sues to enforce claimed $3.5M compensation contract

Entertainment & Sports Law

2nd Circuit upholds NFL decision, says Tom Brady must serve 4-game ‘Deflategate’ suspension

Consumer Law

Lawyer sends demand letter seeking $252.25 because his lunch lacked soup—but later backs off

Labor & Employment

Uber to pay up to $100M to settle claims of misclassification by drivers in 2 states

Government Law

Kentucky governor is looking for law firm to investigate predecessor

Bankruptcy Law

9th Circuit discharges $6K that bankrupt attorney owed ex-client

Health Law

New Florida law seeks to prevent big hospital billing surprises

Bankruptcy Law

Former Dewey & LeBoeuf partners not liable for unpaid rent, judge rules

Copyright Law

Judge allows suit by refugees claiming copyright protection in interviews that led to screenplay

Bankruptcy Law

Uber driver who bought $40K vehicle just before bankruptcy gets $10K loan shortfall discharged