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Legal tech CEO and GC discuss the expanding influence of legal ops and what’s on the horizon

Ari Kaplan recently spoke with Marc Zamsky and Marla Crawford, the CEO and general counsel, respectively, for Cimplifi, an integrated legal services provider that aligns e-discovery and contract analytics for corporate legal departments and law firms.

Did 1 contract clause cause Proskauer client’s $636M loss? Judge refuses to toss malpractice suit

A Massachusetts judge has refused to toss a $636 million malpractice lawsuit contending that a botched contract drafted by Proskauer Rose caused its client’s loss of a minority interest in a hedge fund.

Suit accuses Rudy Giuliani of sexually assaulting employee, promising—but not paying—$1M salary

Lawyer Rudy Giuliani offered $1 million in annual pay to a woman he hired as the director of business development for his companies in 2019, but it was “a sham motivated by his secret desire to pursue a sexual relationship,” according to a lawsuit filed Monday.

Alleged cut-and-paste mistake wasn’t reason for client’s claimed $636M loss, Proskauer argues

Proskauer Rose is arguing that a bad business partner—and not a drafting mistake—is to blame for a client’s losses, which are alleged to be around $636 million.

ABA faces lawsuit over data breach

A would-be class action lawsuit has been filed against the American Bar Association for an alleged failure to safeguard members' data that was exposed in a security breach.

MyPillow CEO’s $5M ‘Prove Mike Wrong’ election-fraud challenge leads to arbitration win for claimant

MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell must make good on his offer to pay $5 million to anyone who could disprove his election-fraud data, an arbitration panel ruled Wednesday.

Trump’s $500M suit against Michael Cohen alleges ‘multiple breaches of fiduciary duty’

Former President Donald Trump has filed a $500 million lawsuit against his former lawyer Michael Cohen for allegedly revealing client confidences and spreading falsehoods about him.

‘King Charles clause’ limits new board overseeing Disney World, put in place after DeSantis’ feud

An agreement enacted by Disney World’s oversight board before its control was turned over to political appointees preserves power for Disney at the expense of the new board—and for quite a long time, thanks to a "King Charles clause."

BigLaw firm seeks COVID-19-era rent abatement in $30M suit

Crowell & Moring has filed a lawsuit contending that it is entitled to a rent abatement and interest totaling $30 million because of a “force majeure event” that interfered with its use of the property.

Impurr-fect evidence dooms suit over couple’s initial plans to declaw adopted Himalayan kitten

A Louisiana law governing the sale of good worth more than $500 has doomed a lawsuit filed by a woman seeking to prevent the declawing of a Flame Point Himalayan kitten she sold to a North Carolina couple.

Lawyers kicked off Twitter sue for breach of contract, citing Musk’s amnesty tweet

Husband-and-wife lawyers Jared and Elizabeth Lee Beck have filed a breach of contract suit in a bid for reinstatement to Twitter that is based on an Elon Musk tweet.


Universal Migrator snags first prize at ABA Techshow 2023’s Startup Alley competition

Universal Migrator won first prize at the seventh annual Startup Alley pitch competition at the ABA Techshow 2023 on Wednesday evening after facing off against 14 other finalists.

Lawyer accused of pursuing client-poaching ‘modus operandi’ hit with $2.3M verdict

The Florida Injury Law Firm based in Orlando, Florida, was awarded $2.3 million last week in a lawsuit against a former associate accused of violating an employment contract by stealing the firm’s best clients.

Lady Gaga failed to pay promised $500K for return of stolen bulldogs, suit alleges; plaintiff was charged in case

Singer and songwriter Lady Gaga promised to pay $500,000 with “no questions asked” for the return of her stolen French bulldogs but did not follow through when a woman later arrested in connection with the theft brought the bulldogs to a police station, a lawsuit alleges.

Former associate must repay law firm for failing to bill promised hours, top state court says

An associate who signed a contract with an “hours billed discrepancy” clause is obligated to repay his law firm for failing to meet promised billable hours, the North Dakota Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

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