Criminal Procedure


Prisoner exonerations are at an all-time high, and it’s not because of DNA testing

National Pulse

Federal medical-privacy law frustrates ID theft victims


Determining driver impairment with marijuana involves imperfect science, says law enforcement

Criminal Justice

Judge nixes cellphone evidence in Aaron Hernandez murder case over defective warrant

Criminal Justice

Lawyer seeks return of his wine collection seized in liquor investigation

Criminal Procedure

9th Circuit revives pro se habeas petition, says trial court erred in applying ‘prison mailbox’ rule


Two prosecutors disciplined for criticizing jurors on Facebook

Bar Associations

After vote, Connecticut Bar Association will not help defend state gun control law in court

Criminal Justice

Man accused of posting naked photos of ex on Web said lawyer told him he could do so

Obiter Dicta

Cops can’t be everywhere, so citizens fill the void

Criminal Procedure

Was federal judge on ‘hit list’ reportedly found in courthouse shooter’s belongings?

Trials & Litigation

Bizarre Madoff motion appears to be a forgery; judge denies request

Law Firms

‘Voracious greed’ of some Dewey partners contributed to firm collapse, former leaders say

Death Penalty

Client’s wish for death penalty doesn’t justify defense lawyer’s withdrawal, Fla. supreme court says

Trials & Litigation

Guilty verdict against ‘Cannibal Cop’ overturned by federal judge

Criminal Justice

Victim’s text messages and selfies won’t be evidence at accused shooter’s trial

Criminal Justice

Suspect who waived right to remain silent need not be told about waiting lawyer, Mich. supremes say

Constitutional Law

7th Circuit holds do-over after secret hearing was recorded but public argument wasn’t

Privacy Law

Electronic-surveillance requests remain sealed; many courts can’t even say how many queries exist

Death Penalty

Federal judge suspends Ohio executions until Aug. 15