Criminal Procedure

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS to consider case of death-row inmate whose case was ‘marred by racial overtones’

National Pulse

Are private education programs for shoplifters a second chance or extortion?

Your ABA

Veterans Village of San Diego provides holistic services, including homeless court and legal aid


FBI introduces Iris, a Labrador retriever trained to sniff out digital devices

Asked and Answered

How well do people actually know their Miranda rights? (podcast with transcript)


New Senate bill would block SCOTUS-approved rule change expanding DOJ’s surveillance powers


Secret Snitches: California case uncovers long-standing practice of planting jailhouse informants

President's Message

On 50th anniversary of landmark Miranda decision, is it more than mere words?


Ethics opinion revisits rule on providing client representation information

Legislation & Lobbying

Despite 2014 law, those who can’t pay court fines are still jailed: So Colorado lawmaker tries again


Evidence FBI obtained via malware in child pornography possession case is tossed by court

Criminal Justice

Judge reduces conviction in ex-cop’s fatal Brooklyn stairwell shooting


Court systems rethink the use of financial bail, which some say penalizes the poor

Privacy Law

Cop turned bodycam on during ‘hallway deposition’ with defense lawyer, sparking outraged response

Death Penalty

Fast-track death-penalty appeals get a boost with 9th Circuit standing decision


Judge rules woman’s alleged confession to counselor about grandmother’s death is admissible

Criminal Justice

So-called surprise convictions from paying a fine to be eliminated by Florida judicial circuit

Admiralty & Maritime Law

Deep-sea treasure hunter stays in jail as judge awaits ‘epiphany’ about 500 gold coins

Criminal Justice

Prosecutor’s failure to warn witness about inadmissible evidence was harmless error, court says

Criminal Justice

NYPD, Manhattan DA announce they will now issue summonses for low-level offenses