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Meet Kenneth Chesebro, ‘the brains’ behind Trump’s fake elector scheme

A lawyer accused of crafting a fake elector strategy on behalf of former President Donald Trump was once a registered Democrat who worked after his graduation from Harvard Law School for his liberal mentor, Laurence Tribe.

Georgia indictment bolstered by broad state law on racketeering

The Georgia district attorney who obtained an indictment of former President Donald Trump is known for her use of the state’s broad racketeering law.

These lawyers are charged along with Trump in Georgia RICO indictment; is ‘partisan shift’ to blame?

The Georgia racketeering indictment against former President Donald Trump on Monday charges 18 other people, including eight lawyers.

Spanking gesture was directed at male deputy DA, not female prosecutor, defense lawyer says

A criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas has said his spanking gesture seen on a courtroom video wasn’t directed at a female prosecutor.

Surviving true crime—from the victims’ perspective

The Survivor Squad podcast introduces a topic that I haven’t encountered before: victims associating and empathizing with other victims about their status as victims. From my position, it’s compelling but somewhat biased.

Constitution bars Trump from presidency, 2 conservative law profs conclude in upcoming article

Former President Donald Trump is barred from office under the 14th Amendment because he “engaged in insurrection,” two conservative law professors have concluded in an upcoming law review article.

California Innocence Project harnesses generative AI for work to free wrongfully convicted

Updated: Several major law firms are using generative AI chatbots for their work. But as more and more lawyers adopt the new technology to maintain a competitive edge, there may be an opportunity to deliver speedy and affordable legal services to the public.

Weekly Briefs: Hunter Biden prosecutor elevated to special counsel; Charles Ogletree dies

Hunter Biden prosecutor given special counsel status

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland announced Friday that he has appointed the U.S. attorney investigating Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden,…

High-earning, court-appointed lawyer failed to provide ‘even a modicum of representation,’ suit alleges

When a Houston man was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated in July 2018, he was “a happily married 65-year-old man.” By the time that his case was dismissed in February 2022, he had lost his home, his truck and his wife.

Let courts consider a prosecutor’s recommendation to reduce a sentence, ABA House says

The House of Delegates continued to tackle the problem of overincarceration in the United States during the ABA Annual Meeting in Denver on Monday.

End use of prisoners for unpaid hard labor, ABA House of Delegates urges

At the 2023 ABA Annual Meeting in Denver on Monday, the ABA House of Delegates called for the end of using prisoners to conduct unpaid hard labor.

Plea bargaining principles will create a more ‘fair and just system,’ task force co-chair says

Criminal court judge, 72, arrested in wife’s shooting death

A criminal court judge in Orange County, California, is free on a $1 million bond after his arrest in the shooting death of his 65-year-old wife. Judge Jeffrey Ferguson, 72, was arrested shortly before 9 p.m. on Aug. 3.

‘Very, very wise and learned counsel’ defense will be key in Trump’s election trial, his lawyer says

John Lauro, a lawyer for former President Donald Trump, is pointing to an advice-of-counsel defense in the case accusing Trump of trying to subvert the 2020 election results.

‘Presidents are not kings’ judge will oversee Trump election-subversion case

A federal judge who has previously ruled against former President Donald Trump will be overseeing the new criminal case accusing him of conspiring to subvert the 2020 election.

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