Education Law

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Attorney General

DOJ tells judge it doesn’t object to injunction blocking Obama policy on transgender restrooms

Criminal Justice

Dairy Queen manager accused of ridiculing teen worker is charged in his suicide


Feb. 23, 1923: Justices hear a challenge to ‘English-only’ laws

Education Law

High school student told to use a bucket rather than getting a bathroom break awarded $1.25M

Education Law

Onetime cheerleader sues, saying school officials ignored harassment from girls on her team

Law Schools

Charlotte School of Law vows to fight Dept. of Ed’s ‘final’ ruling denying student financial aid

Education Law

New ABA task force will consider due process rights in college sexual-misconduct cases

Law Students

Charlotte School of Law students express anger at school, circulate petition for free tuition

Education Law

ABA sues over feds’ disqualifications of lawyers from Public Service Loan Forgiveness program

Law Schools

Federal student financial aid yanked at Charlotte School of Law

Religious Law

Texas judge rules school nurse’s aide can put up her Bible-quoting Linus poster, with one addition

Education Law

DeVry agrees to $100M settlement in FTC suit alleging misleading ads touted graduate success

Religious Law

Texas AG interprets state’s Merry Christmas Law in dispute over school employee’s poster

Education Law

Dads sue over teens’ expulsion for alleged racist texts

Trials & Litigation

Trump University settles fraud suits for $25M; New York AG calls deal ‘a stunning reversal’

Executive Branch

Court dockets will shrink as Donald Trump rescinds Obama administration actions

National Pulse

Is cyberbullying free speech?

Report From Governmental Affairs

Federal legislation aims to help students who are homeless or living in foster care

Civil Rights

College violated rights of accused student in sex misconduct hearing, Department of Education says

Your ABA

Campuses that handle sexual assaults must balance victims’ rights, due process
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