Entertainment & Sports Law

Entertainment & Sports Law

Judge overturns Tom Brady’s suspension in ‘deflategate’ scandal

Law in Popular Culture

Sony softened ‘Concussion’ storyline to avoid issues with NFL, hacked emails show


Lawyers ‘lean to the left,’ study says; which schools, firms and practice areas are most liberal?

Entertainment & Sports Law

3rd Circuit rejects NJ’s attempt to get around federal ban on sports betting

Copyright Law

Michael Jordan is smiling after winning $8.9M in ad case, but says suit ‘was never about the money’

Antitrust Law

After NLRB loss, attorney for would-be Northwestern football union points to lawsuit against NCAA

Labor & Employment

NLRB nixes college football players union, declines to hear election petition


Unflattering courtroom sketch of Tom Brady in Deflategate hearing goes viral

Copyright Law

On verge of damages award for Shakira song, judge reverses course due to new evidence

Law Firms

Fired coach sues Paul Weiss for alleged defamation in Dolphins bullying report

Entertainment & Sports Law

Family of driver fatally struck by NASCAR star Tony Stewart files wrongful death suit

Annual Meeting

Community involvement is key in preventing the next Ferguson

Niche Practice

Chicago attorneys get top legal billing for festival gigs

Opening Statements

NYC lawyer targets strip clubs in FLSA violation claim cases

National Pulse

Wary copyright owners are cracking down on fan-created artworks

Entertainment & Sports Law

Federal judge in Minnesota kicks ‘Deflategate’ case back to NYC counterpart

Entertainment & Sports Law

Top sports court nixes IAAF testosterone-based ban on some female athletes

Antitrust Law

Federal magistrate awards nearly $46M in legal fees in NCAA athlete-pay case

Entertainment & Sports Law

Season ticket holder sues Major League Baseball, wants netting extended to foul poles

First Amendment

NFL team’s First Amendment rights weren’t violated by loss of disparaging trademarks, judge rules