Tort Law

Bank sues attorney and others over $570K wired to Japan in alleged Internet fraud by ‘client’

Business of Law

Two litigators leap from Covington to Kirkland

White-Collar Crime

Ex-partner of law firm indicted, accused of aiding unlawful use of energy tax credits by clients

White-Collar Crime

Former ‘People’s Attorney’ radio host is tried in $10M mortgage-fraud case over real estate closings

Criminal Justice

Woman gets 7 years for filing fake $100B liens against 4 judges, US attorney and others

Government Law

Chicago generated 77,000 additional red-light tickets by shortening yellow-light times, report says

Trials & Litigation

Traffic court defendant didn’t deserve jail for cursing in courthouse hallway, says appellate court

Criminal Justice

Woman accused of plotting to kill town’s president and its attorney

Criminal Justice

Lawyer and interpreter are accused of embellishing asylum claims

Criminal Justice

Federal judge says she thinks convicted drug dealer killed police officer, gives defendant 35 years

Legislation & Lobbying

State law may ban Nik Wallenda’s plan to walk Windy City tightrope

Trials & Litigation

Imprisoned for plotting to kill federal judge, law grad wants to play the violin in supermax

Criminal Justice

Detective’s new look at 2006 case leads to murder charge against former prosecutor

Privacy Law

Will Illinois become the sixth state to allow granny cams in nursing homes?


Off-site video that saved woman from felony charge is now supporting a $150K civil rights settlement

Legal Ethics

Lawyer who billed corporate client for his sanctions is reprimanded

Government Law

Federal judge says mom sued too late accusing Chicago officials of cover-up in son’s death

Court Security

Losing litigant who threw chair at defendant cop after verdict gets 5 years

Criminal Justice

Man beat murder charge in detective’s death, but feds seek life term in drug case, citing slaying

Intellectual Property Law

Hacking software in Batman movie doesn’t infringe on real-life product, says 7th Circuit