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Labor & Employment Law

Former appellate defender employee is entitled to $1M in retaliation suit, federal judge rules

Criminal Justice

As murders increase nationwide, US attorney links Chicago violence to release of dashcam video

Constitutional Law

Illinois law reducing civil juries to six people is unconstitutional, state’s top court rules

Criminal Justice

Identical twin testifies he committed murder and brother was wrongly convicted

Trials & Litigation

Judge allows class action claiming State Farm secretly orchestrated Illinois justice’s campaign

First Amendment

Avvo has First Amendment right to publish lawyer listings, Chicago federal court rules

Law Firms

Fourth person pleads guilty in scam that allegedly cost BigLaw firm $7M


Staff attorney is fired after she is accused of wearing judge’s robes and ruling on cases

Criminal Justice

Chicago police have shot 262 people in 6 years; about 80% were black men, newspaper reports

Trials and Litigation

Judge rules for artist Peter Doig, who says ‘Pete Doige’ painting once valued at $10M wasn’t his


Judge is removed from bench for allegedly letting a lawyer wear her robe and rule in some cases

Sentencing/Post Conviction

Former Illinois Gov. Blagojevich apologizes, but his new sentence is the same as the old one

Criminal Justice

Lawyer alleges a cover-up after seeing ‘horrific’ video in police shooting of black teen

Criminal Justice

Man accused of slapping judge in smoking dispute is acquitted of hate crime, battery

Criminal Justice

Ex-cop Drew Peterson gets 40-year sentence in plot on prosecutor’s life

Criminal Justice

Special prosecutor will probe possible cover-up in shooting by Chicago officer charged with murder

Civil Rights

Police body cams didn’t shut off, invading officers’ privacy, federal lawsuit says

Tort Law

Man pleads guilty in auto crash, then sues city alleging police siren and lights distracted him

Immigration Law

Amidst claims ICE should do more to ID lawful residents, detained citizen wins $20K award

Labor & Employment

Illinois attorney general sues Jimmy John’s over noncompete clauses for low-wage workers
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