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Former BigLaw associate is accused of lying about time spent on document review project

A former Dentons associate is accused in an ethics complaint of falsely claiming that he spent 277 hours to review 425 documents for a client responding to a discovery request.

Weekly Briefs: Bias suit against Trump lawyer resolved; Montana no longer defies court order over birth certificates

Trump lawyer resolves rap-music bias suit

Alina Habba, a lawyer for former President Donald Trump, has resolved a race- and gender-bias lawsuit largely based on the rap music that she…

Lawyer who exclaimed ‘gadzooks’ at trial delayed but didn’t disrupt justice, ethics hearing board says

Updated: A suburban Chicago lawyer who clashed with a judge in an effort to make a record and exclaimed “gadzooks” in response to her ruling should be reprimanded, according to a recommendation by an ethics hearing board.

Weekly Briefs: DOJ urges SCOTUS to turn down citizenship case; cop asks second justice to block vaccine mandate

Don’t accept citizenship case, DOJ tells SCOTUS

The U.S. Department of Justice filed a brief Monday urging the U.S. Supreme Court to deny review in a case on citizenship rights…

Federal judge allows antitrust lawsuit against 17 elite universities to move forward

A federal judge in Chicago on Monday rejected a request by 17 private universities to dismiss claims that they violated antitrust laws by using a shared methodology to assess undergraduate applicants’ financial needs and decrease aid packages.

Lawyer faces 5-month suspension for lying about capital contribution to law firm

The founder of an Illinois law firm is facing a five-month suspension for “engaging in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.”

Old friends and new celebrate at the first in-person ABA Annual Meeting since COVID-19 (photo gallery)

After being presented in an all-virtual format in 2020 and a hybrid format in 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, attendees are celebrating in person for the 2022 ABA Annual Meeting.

After collaborating with bestselling author, judge discusses new solo book

After several collaborations with bestselling author James Patterson, Judge David Ellis of Illinois, a prolific novelist, decided to go it alone for his latest book, Look Closer.

Riverfront property owners can’t kayak past neighboring properties, state supreme court rules

Fossil hunters who own property along the Mazon River in Illinois can’t kayak past the homes of other riverfront property owners absent permission, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled last week.

Families of criminal defendants are scammed by con artists watching Zoom hearings

Scammers posing as prosecutors and court personnel are watching Zoom hearings and collecting money from families of criminal defendants who want to win release of their loved ones.

2 law firms add dozens of lawyers through mergers with smaller firms

Two larger law firms have announced mergers with smaller firms that add dozens of lawyers and expand their footprints.

Federal judge sanctions lawyer with history of excuses, says ER claim was ‘a lie from the beginning’

A federal judge in Iowa has held an Illinois lawyer in contempt of court and sanctioned him $5,000 for lack of candor and misleading statements in connection with repeated requests for continuances.

What happened to convicted cop’s missing wife? Suspended lawyer can’t tell, judge rules

An Illinois judge last week told suspended lawyer Joel Brodsky that he can’t violate a former client’s confidences by revealing what happened to a missing woman.

Lawyer pursued future pain compensation for client who had died, ethics complaint says

A Chicago lawyer sought compensation for “future pain and physical limitations” in settlement negotiations for a client who had already died, according to an ethics complaint.

2Civility’s new executive director speaks out against workplace bullying

As the new executive director of the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism, or 2Civility, attorney Erika Harold wants to use her platform to shine a light on workplace bullying.

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