Immigration Law

Immigration Law

Indiana’s refusal to accept Syrian refugees violates Constitution, ACLU suit says

U.S. Supreme Court

US asks SCOTUS to allow Obama’s deferred deportation program

Imimigration Law

More than a dozen governors oppose resettlement of Syrian refugees in their states

Immigration Law

5th Circuit upholds injunction blocking Obama’s executive action on immigration

Verdicts & Settlements

DOJ to pay $200K to immigration judge over recusal pressure because of her Iranian heritage

Immigration Law

Black US citizen seeks refugee status in Canada on account of his race

Immigration Law

Nonlawyer accused of practicing since 2003 faces federal charges

Trials & Litigation

Civil RICO suit says lawyers took fees from immigration clients who couldn’t legally stay in US

White-Collar Crime

Indicted lawyer accused of stealing $6M from clients

Opening Statements

California state bar launches a new effort to fight notario fraud

Court Security

Witness attacks defendant in open court; see video of the altercation

Immigration Law

ABA Commission on Immigration report excoriates federal detention policy for immigrant families

Legal Ethics

Lawyer says concern for safety of his clients motivated his leak of confidential documents

Annual Meeting

US immigration detention policies are ‘incompatible with basic principles of justice,’ says law prof

Report from Governmental Affairs

ABA cites health and well-being of asylum-seeking mothers and children

White-Collar Crime

‘Disgrace to the entire legal profession’ gets time in 2 federal fraud cases

Labor & Employment

Live-in nannies in au pair program are paid about $4 an hour because of collusion, suit alleges

Immigration Law

Former employee stole 2 lawyers’ identities to defraud immigrants, says indictment

Constitutional Law

Federal judge threatens to hold immigration lawyer in contempt for leaking confidential document

Immigration Law

Is San Francisco’s sanctuary policy to blame for release of immigrant who became a murder suspect?