Immigration Law

Trials & Litigation

Immigration attorney arrested in federal sting, accused of trying to help client flee US

U.S. Supreme Court

Gay couple got Colorado marriage license in 1975 but lost deportation case; Kennedy wrote opinion

Criminal Justice

Municipal judge who resigned after bounced bar-dues checks is now accused of client extortion

Executive Branch

Federal judge questions trust in Obama, threatens Justice Department sanctions on immigration action

Immigration Law

Posner blasts ‘excessive judicial passivity’ and ‘lackluster’ lawyering in cabbie’s immigration case

Criminal Justice

Feds cite ISIS in effort to get stiff sentence for civil rights worker with law degree

Immigration Law

Obama’s executive action on immigration blocked for now by federal judge

Pro Bono

School lawyers can provide free legal help for some minors facing deportation, board decides

ABA Midyear

ABA urges adequate legal representation for unaccompanied immigrant minors

Immigration Law

Two ABA Midyear programs take a close look at immigration law and politics

ABA Midyear

Immigration and access to justice will be hot topics as ABA Midyear Meeting opens in Houston

Attorney General

Amid criticism of Eric Holder, attorney general nominee promises to ‘be Loretta Lynch’

Lawyer Pay

Does ‘martyr mentality’ of nonprofit lawyers keep salaries low?

President's Message

ABA immigration initiatives bring hope to those who come here to begin anew


Jan. 2, 1920: Palmer raids target immigrants

Constitutional Law

Obama’s immigration order is unconstitutional, judge rules; parties didn’t raise the issue

Legal Ethics

Lawyer is accused of leaving court during recess, telling client she couldn’t deal with the matter

Attorney General

Justice Department is expanding limits on profiling

Constitutional Law

Texas AG leads 17-state lawsuit against Obama administration over executive order on immigration


Lawyers and judges face hurdles in struggle to cope with influx of young immigrants