Immigration Law

Trials & Litigation

Federal judge imposes sweeping sanctions on DOJ, requires ethics classes for litigators in 26 states

White-Collar Crime

Immigration lawyer convicted of helping clients concoct tales of persecution

Immigration Law

Immigration lawyer admits breaking law to help client, gets 2 years of probation

Your ABA

Midyear meeting tour provides an up-close look at immigration issues


Homeland Security lawyer admits forging documents that could have led to Mexican man’s deportation

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court appears divided in challenge to Obama’s deferred deportations

Immigration Law

Feds set up fake university, charge 21 brokers, recruiters and employers in visa-fraud sting

Immigration Law

ABA asks DHS to consider less restrictive measures than ankle monitors for asylum seekers

Criminal Justice

Repeat offender who met with clients at bar association law library gets time for posing as attorney


Gambler’s fallacy affects immigration judges, study says

Immigration Law

Immigration judge said some 4-year-olds don’t need lawyers in deportation cases, ACLU lawyer claims

Immigration Law

Inadequate medical care in immigration detention facilities leads to deaths, report says

Privacy Law

Rapid DNA devices provide results in less than two hours; how are they being used?


Once living in US illegally, immigrant now looks forward to paying $50K in taxes on law practice

U.S. Supreme Court

How Scalia’s death could affect pending high-profile cases

Criminal Justice

Immigration lawyer gets 21 months for trying to help client disobey court order, flee US

Immigration Law

Federal court refuses to ‘stick its judicial nose into this political morass’ involving refugees

ABA Midyear Meeting

Lawyers get a peek at the struggles in life and law on the Mexican border

Immigration Law

After years of legal battle, Mexican immigrant becomes a New York lawyer


Meet the father of the landmark lawsuit that secured basic rights for immigrant minors