Immigration Law

Lawyer Pay

Does ‘martyr mentality’ of nonprofit lawyers keep salaries low?

President's Message

ABA immigration initiatives bring hope to those who come here to begin anew


Jan. 2, 1920: Palmer raids target immigrants

Constitutional Law

Obama’s immigration order is unconstitutional, judge rules; parties didn’t raise the issue

Legal Ethics

Lawyer is accused of leaving court during recess, telling client she couldn’t deal with the matter

Attorney General

Justice Department is expanding limits on profiling

Constitutional Law

Texas AG leads 17-state lawsuit against Obama administration over executive order on immigration


Lawyers and judges face hurdles in struggle to cope with influx of young immigrants

Trials & Litigation

Defense asks judge to require prosecution to try all 54 charges against immigration lawyer

Immigration Law

Obama executive order to OK temporary stay by parents of US citizens and legal permanent residents

Criminal Justice

Paralegal held hostage at law firm helped police negotiate with gunman

Immigration Law

Law grad convicted of concealing Israel bombings conviction to get US citizenship

Constitutional Law

US citizen sues ICE, says he was detained for more than 3 years awaiting deportation

Immigration Law

Additional federal resources are needed to provide representation for unaccompanied minors, ABA says


Judge scolded me for bringing newborn to court after denying continuance, lawyer alleges

Immigration Law

Local jails are increasingly refusing to hold inmates longer for possible deportations

Immigration Law

Federal government announces $9M in funding for unaccompanied minors’ counsel

Criminal Justice

Lawyer and interpreter are accused of embellishing asylum claims

Pro Bono

Law firm pro bono work extends beyond US boundaries

Immigration Law

San Francisco to publicly fund legal services for unaccompanied immigrant minors