Insurance Law

Insurance Law

Paying workers with health issues to get exchange-market insurance violates the law, feds say

Health Law

Unconscious woman with medical insurance is taken to out-of-network hospital, owes $50K


Woman is in hot water over spilled-coffee claim against McDonald’s

Entertainment & Sports Law

Rolling Stones settle $12.7M insurance claim over shows canceled due to Jagger’s girlfriend’s death

Insurance Law

Is an Uber ride covered if an accident occurs? Insurance representatives are dubious

Civil Rights

Court rejects housing discrimination rule that relied on statistical analysis

White-Collar Crime

Lawyer takes plea in auto-insurance fraud scheme, gets probation

Trials & Litigation

DA: ‘Hit list’ shows inmate sought to kill 9 witnesses, suggesting methods and order of slayings

Health Law

New York Times article on hidden hospital costs sparks calls for change, suggestions for consumers

Criminal Justice

DA says smartphones should block texting behind wheel, wants insurance discounts for such devices

Business of Law

Hinshaw & Culbertson to acquire 45-attorney California firm

Criminal Justice

Retired NYC cop takes plea in $27M disability-fraud case; ex-prosecutor is a claimed ringleader

Real Estate & Property Law

Former managing partner embezzled $30M from law firm and affiliated title company, suit says

Consumer Law

Louisiana suit claims State Farm emphasizes costs over safety with preferred auto repair shops

White-Collar Crime

Ex-lawyer gets 2 years for his role in stealing much of disabled client’s $500K settlement

Verdicts & Settlements

Insurance agency pays settlement with buckets of coins totaling an estimated $21K

Legislation & Lobbying

Senate Democrats work to override Hobby Lobby decision

Insurance Law

Should insurance cover suit against law firm after staffer allegedly engineered a false arrest?

White-Collar Crime

Lawyer faces charges linked to claimed $28M health insurance fraud

Health Law

Parents struggle to get help for potentially violent male teens