Law in Popular Culture

Law in Popular Culture

Remove that ice cream cone from your pocket! Photographer depicts bizarre laws across the country

Criminal Justice

‘Serial’ podcasts downplayed info supporting murder conviction, prosecutor says; DNA testing sought


‘Notorious RBG’ biography in the works will be co-authored by blog creator

Question of the Week

What lawyer, past or present, do you think would be a good subject for a feature film biopic?


How lawyers can craft a case narrative to spark jurists’ and jurors’ interest

Cartoon Caption Contest

Cartoon Poll: Vote for your favorite clown-court caption

Law in Popular Culture

Acclaimed film on ‘Dinosaur 13’ legal battle airs on CNN

Law in Popular Culture

ABA publishing kicks off new trade imprint with a novel by ATL founder David Lat

Education Law

Rolling Stone backs away from UVa gang-rape story that resulted in fraternity sanctions

Legal History

Judge says investigative files for ‘In Cold Blood’ murders can be published by investigator’s son

Women in the Law

‘Neurotic November’ is retired judge’s latest mystery novel

Law in Popular Culture

‘Bad Judge’ TV show is canceled after lawyer group protests

Health Law

Terminally ill Brittany Maynard ends her life; her act may influence right-to-die debate

Bryan Garner on Words

Regaining the Joy of Reading

Law in Popular Culture

SCOTUS watchers make court more accessible through blogs, tweets, animation and fantasy leagues

Law in Popular Culture

Money, sex, madness and murder at fictional Bay Street law firm is focus of ex-partner’s new novel

Law in Popular Culture

Women lawyers group asks NBC to cancel ‘Bad Judge,’ a show about an ‘unethical, lazy’ female jurist

Law in Popular Culture

Las Vegas DA to seek county OK for reality TV show about cold and closed cases

Law in Popular Culture

Scalia is a bulldog, literally, in SCOTUS re-enactment (See the video)

Criminal Justice

John Grisham says US ‘has gone nuts’ with child porn incarcerations, then issues apology